Cacao Beans ! I need help

I’m trying to model a similar cocoa bean, but I’m not successful … How can I create this in a realistic way?

if you want to go for hardcore closeups like that, I would say SCULPT them!

The texture on the beans looks very much like rust. I’d get a similar texture and use Materalize to create the texture and other maps from the photo.
Tip. Grab a large size photo so you get different patterns on the beans.


every thanks…

Selam Hüseyin,
You can achieve this via procedural materials. This way each bean can be randomly generated as well.

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So, I gave it a try to this material. Geometry is somewhat okay but coloring/shader will need more love :confused: .
Here is the file: Cacao_Beans.blend (1005.8 KB) I would love to see if anyone could improve the colors/shading really.

This setup allows to randomize material for each applied object.