[ cactus / cactii ] - [ 30 Minutes ]






I’m curious how you did the arms on yours, Lumpycow, it all goes together so smoothly.

Amor, you can use subdivision modeling to make this cactus (i don’t realy know how veQue did it) but you could the same result but creating a simple, low-poly mesh and subdiving it.

see this attached blender file (make sure you look at it im editmode also)

@Scraze, thats some real nice work there!


Cactus.blend (138 KB)

Thanks, RadialRonnie, but not quite what I meant.

I get the box-modeling + subsurf technique, honestly it’s hat I use most of the time, but what I’m not sure on is how Veque got the ridges on his cactus to match up, even when it branches out.

Realized it could be done with a model like yours after applying the subsurf, but still seems like it would take a long while to get it done so smoothly, and am curious to how VeQue did it, especially within 30 minutes.