"Cactus Farm" Render

Reviews and suggestions appreciated. Let me know :slight_smile:
IG : abhijitrout.dev


Nice render!
I think you definitely got a nice mood to this piece and overall it looks quite realistic! :+1:
The biggest suggestion I would have is to show something behind your fence. After the fence, the world seems to end. Adding a few more cacti (just with the tops showing) or other hills behind the fence would help break up your horizon line and make it look like your world continues. Another possible solutions to this would be to rotate your sky texture so the gradient from blue to tan is more obscured by the horizon. This would make it appear like the camera is pointing up more and it might look better. Hopefully that made sense :grinning:
I really like the sign at the fence line. It’s a nice touch and it adds to the story of your scene.
Keep up the good work!