Cactus Scene WIP

Hi I’m currently working on this little scene in blender with a cactus as the main focal point. Its not complete obviously but I would love some early criticism on the cactus model and mainly the material. Please let me know what you think and please post any suggestions relating to the node setup below as it would be super helpful Thanks James


nice work.
i looked up some reference pictures and the first thing that i saw was that the real life cactuses are more consistent in their wrinkels (i don’t know what to call those things haha) also the cactus branches on the real cactuses are diffirent it is almost like a new cactus grows out of a other one. the start of the branche is much smaller then in your model. also the spikes on a cactus grow out of a thing i think it was called areola (yep). the areola is a white thing where the spikes grow out of. so you might want to add those and the spikes on the areolas are not in huge numbers (just look at references) i think you used a lot on one place what might make it look softer then it is supposed to do.

i think you should use a bit more reference pictures if you want your model more realistic.
i don’t think i can help you with your materials i suck at those :(. only thing i can see there is that you might need more gloss with roughness.

i cant wait for your next update :wink: if you don’t agree on something please tell me maybe i am totally wrong on something.