CAD Blocks for Blender?

Been using Blender to ideate and make presentations for architectural designs and it is super useful using cad blocks at this stage for furniture layouts, parking and stuff like that.

Shopping to know if there is any collection of CAD blocks made available under creative commons out there that can be used in blender for sketching out floor plan layouts. Stuff with funiture blocks, cars, trees, the works. Lots of sites offer free CAD blocks but not under creative commons license that would make it okay to distribute them as .blend files. I’ve figured out how to convert dwg files to .blend files, batch separate each cad block into its own .blend file and how to use the Simple Asset Manager to preview and append the files while working in Blender.

If such a collection exists that’s available under creative commons I’d be happy to do the clean up and conversion to .blend files and in turn make available under same license. CC0 would make the most sense though, so it can also be shared freely.