Cad files .dwg into blender 2.5

Hi everyone:eyebrowlift:

Is there any script, tool or feature really effective I can import cad files dwg to blender 2.5 ( or more difficult to ask vice versa , well maybe impossibl this last ho ho :no:)

I know this question could be old but I will like to know if someone have a updated tool and really the best choice of someone who develop this in this last months , so if I test it will be more probably that it will work :stuck_out_tongue: . The thing is that I really need this tool; I try before some script but with no good results…

Thanks a lot to everyone :eek:

In the 2.49 there is dxf import/export.

Convert it to dxf, and use blenders dxf importer.

Thanks a lot, well i test script cadtools with lot of help of the developer ( nice script), programs progecad and double cad, and am still trying to figure it out how to import this in to blender and avoid the faces with 3 vertices :S, is there any way that you know i can fix this with the tools for import in to blender as clean as posible with 4 vertices in the face?, maybe configure this somehow in any of this programs ?
Regards for all of you :slight_smile:

lenoxmo, I wouldn’t try to utilize the importer to “clean up” your imported mesh data. This can (and should) be done quite easily within blender. First of all, I wouldn’t be too concerned with triangular faces within your models, unless you intend to either deform them in an animation or subsurf them via the modifier. I would think that you’re not likely to need to do either with architectural models (inferring this from some of your other posts, sorry if not the case.) However, if you feel you must have quads over tri’s, then blender has a function built in to convert them (alt-J).

A couple of other things that you will likely need to do on any CAD-imported geometry:

  • Enter edit mode (“tab” key toggles), select all verts (“a” key toggles), “w” key menu -> remove doubles. (Do this BEFORE converting to quads!)
  • While still in edit mode, I usually recalculate the normals outside (ctrl-n) as I’m usually dealing with fully enclosed 3D models imported from solids created in CAD.
    Whether to set Smooth or Solid also becomes a challenge for this kind of thing, but most likely won’t often affect archi work like yours.

There are other tricks to getting your meshes looking like you want them in blender which you’ll learn over time, but this should get you started. Blender is very powerful & flexible as a modeler / mesh editor, so don’t shy away from using it after you’ve imported. (I know I tend to be biased toward using my familiar CAD app to do as much of the modelling as I can prior to importing - simply because it can be more understandable, therefore faster.) Blender’s techniques are very different, but once you understand, can accomplish much.

mzungu, thanks a lot, i import successfully a quite complicated and accurate project in autocad 2010 with program progecad ( export as lwo) and i import it in to blender 2.49b with the script that it is already in that version, and the model was imported quite clean.
I follow all your steps and now i will start with materials , and if i this is going ok i will explore more possibilities with blender :slight_smile:
All the best blenderhead !