Cad files

Hello! What is the best way to import CAD files(dwg and sat) into Blender?

Hi Alexandra, welcome to BA :slight_smile: While Blender doesn’t have an importer for DWF, there are still ways to import those files. Check out this tutorial:

Thank, but i already tried to convert the files, with no success :frowning:

I’m quite happy with pCon.planner a free application that reads and writes dwg format. I usually export as DXF that are flawlessy imported into Blender. Then I usually convert everything into mesh, so I can even reuse the original geometry to extrude and build things.

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Instead of DWG simply import DXF - both formats are the same, but DWG i binary while DXF is plaintext.
For example I import DXF from ArchiCAD and everything works perfect.