CAD Like transform

Don’t work for me… I think it have a problem with invert (i)…

before invert:

after invert:


Is your object scale 1,1,1? That may be screwing up the alignment process too, if not 1,1,1, potentially.
I’ve had that issue in various scripts before in Blender or 3DS Max sometimes, if Scale is not default/reset.

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The problem probalbly is the custom constraint setup.
Basically this step is ment to provide a reference axis on source object to align to target normal.

can u plz make a video and show. cant figure out how it works. Thanks


if it no need to snap to precise center of face, then I have a 1 click solution for this with option to duplicate or just rotate to the face
Since CAD addon is free I think there is no conflict with posting here another one free addon? If so, then I just remove this message.


keKit for Blender (2.8+)

and its feature Unrotator (checkbox Center on Face and Rotation Offset didn’t work right now)

Also if its one mesh object, then you can use Loopanar addon to place face to face separated meshes


To understand correctly, you first roughly aligned the object with the grid and then you moved with constraint?

I am struggling to align an object based on face normal too. Can’t really understand it. Selecting a face normal as constrain and then pressing invert(i) on the target gives a random rotation.

Basically “Align to normal” fit a custom constraint axis to a target face normal.
So i define a custom constraint with origin at source face center and one axis in the opposite direction of face normal, then i use align to normal to align the axis to target face normal.
By default align to normal use z axis of custom constraint, but you may change using xyz and flip using i.

In this example, what am I doing wrong? I press G the with the N activated I press C and get the constraint on the face normal. The cube seems to snap correctly onto the icosphere but when I press i to invert it goes wrong. Or the inversion doesn’t work on the normal? Like flip normal would.

Maybe we could have the constraint flip before we snap, is that even possible?

Try to change constraint axis after i, using shift + xyz, it’s a toggle between local / world, and i guess it does align to world one instead of local.

@stephen_leger, I think the problem is when getting ‘custom constraint axis’ from ‘normal face’ (tap G -> C -> N -> 1 click on source object face)… invert and any other axis constraint XYZ, Shift XYZ are not taking into account the ‘custom’ orientation.
Creating ‘custom constraint’ with 2 clicks like in your video (tap G -> C -> 2 click for xy plane definition) is working some times but not always.

Looks like cusom constraint from snapped face is somewhat not working as expected.

maybe you can add a new operation mode to CLT beyond G/R/S (face to face snap) like maya “snap together tool” :slight_smile:

edit: with some modifier key to quick create new instance :slight_smile:

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That is good to know, thought I was going crazy XD.

If you look more into normals, one other thing that would be great to have is the ability to snap the origin of an object to a face/edge/vertex normal with aligned rotation. So basically only affect the origin but have it as an option inside CLT. Maybe with Shift+O? :slight_smile:

Enable “Origins” in tool options.

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Yes but it doesn’t align the rotation of the origin to the center and normal of a face at the same time.


Added some new feature for next release.

  • duplicate objects
  • support for precise reference image resize

when will the next release launch?
please have a look at this…can we have it inside this addon
Timestamp 6:46

I think you can already do that, I use Wazous pie menus addon and I think is available with align tool addon which comes with blender.

tried them but it is not up to that mark