CAD Snap Utilities


(mano-wii) #181

Thank you very much @Okavango for the diagram.
I will carefully consider each suggestion. One thing is already certain is that the snap zone will be implemented in the ortho mode. But I fear that it should be calculated on the 2d variables (x and y coordinates of the screen). If so, I shall make a very thorough study about the view_matrix. And that will slow down the development.

The work will be for next week (I need to sort some things out for now). So I will do everything more carefully. Thanks!

(jachtarfranko) #182

Mano, maybe i am wrong but i think that problem with decimal key on numerical keyboard is not solved.


(mano-wii) #183

You’re right. I thought I had resolved, but it seems that Blender itself confuse the use of the comma “,”.
So here is another solution. Every time the comma button is pressed, will be registered the “PERIOD” button (".") in place.

(Okavango) #184

I am realy not sure what would be the best procedure. I see that you spent a lot of work studdying this topic and optimizing the code, i trust your decision. Great work and keep it up…

(cusa123) #185

Congratulations as CAD mode is very good. But there are five basic things that you should implement.
1 Units of measurement “mm”, “cm”, “m”, “inch”
2- some method of “levels”.
3- some kind of paper space.
4 type of lines
5- layers
The suggestions I give you is like “interior designer and technical designer.” Also many things like rotate, scale, etc, and excisten in blender but you’d need an icon or icons. Could put to use the application in edit mode to make it editable. In paper space you could use the pdf mode already exists in blender for export. If you are interested, I will give cad block type or also Hatchs Patterns.

(mano-wii) #186

Thanks for the suggestions @cusa123.
Some changes in Addon were made with respect to units of measurement. You have the latest version?
As Blender already has features to layers, I do not intend to add support for layers in the addon Snap Utilities (this may complicate its use).
Regarding the Paper Space, I think I could enable a feature to lock the rotation of the 3d view in top view. This would simulate the view of the CAD.
This feature already on the list to do. Thanks

(cusa123) #187

Sweet Home 3D look.

You could use the same system to draw lines but adding


If possible you can with it is generating a “curved line”, as another feature. At the moment I’m testing the “role model space,” Adam Dominec but does not work well.
Although it is impossible to generate files blender “.pat” to Hatchs Patterns it is possible with “.svg”

(mkbreuer) #188

it could be also so handy to have a snap to the grid increment / grid floor lines with the move and rotate tool :yes:

(mano-wii) #189

Thank @cusa123 the suggestions.
Some of the suggestions are too complicated, or require major changes that may result on performance losses :frowning:
But I could add the @mkbreuer’s suggestion with respect to snap to increments of grid.
Here is the result :):

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(Ector3) #190

mano-wii… You must be a genius. This is such a great added feature. THANK YOU.

(mano-wii) #191

You’re welcome @Ector3 :slight_smile:

@cusa123. Even though the addition of dimensions be related to snap functions. Add such a feature to the addon would require a lot of work (compared to making a new addon).
And I don’t see how fillet and round corners relate to the snap function. I believe that the Addons with these functions available are already satisfactory.

In conclusion… sorry I can’t add these features :.

(mkbreuer) #192

THX a Lot! The line works very well!
It will be good to have the ability to change the snap scale by a slider,
if we want to use the grid scale in a other measuring unit…

(mifth) #193


Is it possible to add something like this. I found it in Modo.

Making of is here

It would be great to make fast arcs.
For knife tool or for a separete lineloop. Dunno know what is the best approach.

(mifth) #194

You could add it as 3 control points. And scroll the ammount of vertices.

(mano-wii) #195

@mifth, this is very interesting, but also very complicated. It is possible, but requires time. :
I’m currently improving the functions that the Addon already have. And, in my free time, I’m also developing a new addon (a kind of IDE).
I will see how I can later add this tool. But I can not guarantee.

(mifth) #196

Yes no problem.
This is just my idea.
Also you could add the Arc tool without cutting the faces. Just a polyline.

(jachtarfranko) #197

Thanks for 4.3,
Increments of Grid is very nice,
but grid scale is allways scale 1 for me.

(mano-wii) #198

I cannot reproduce this problem @jachtarfranko. How are you changing the grid scale ?

Changing this way works for me.

(jachtarfranko) #199

Yes, this works, scale in scene unit, but it changes all.
I think it should scale grid in 3d viewport-"N"properties-dispay-grid floor-scale.
It would change only grid scale for snapping to grid 0,5m or 1 m, or 2m,
but size of scene shouldn’t be scaled.
I think…

(mano-wii) #200

Ok, I think I can do a relative scale.