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(mkbreuer) #201

The snap for the line jumps always to center after i changing the scale of the Units and Grid Floor under zero. (0,001/ 0,001)
I fixed it by setting up the value in script line 295 to the same scale unit.
will be good to have a slider for this value.
Contrariwise i have no issue with positiv units.

(mano-wii) #202

@mkbreuer, could you be more specific? I can not reproduce the problem. :
Here is the 4.4 version of the addon with the new option “relative scale” to grid scale. Suggested by @jachtarfranko

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(jachtarfranko) #203

Awesome, thanks,

Definitely the most useful Blender plugin ever.

Precise NEW objects from blank scene was never so easy…
This can completely change my workflow: from CAD Rhino to artist Blender.
Blender can be partly CAD too now. :slight_smile:

(mkbreuer) #204

I try to explain. This is what i set up:
Default Cube
Properties > Scene > Units > eg: Metric > Scale 0.001
Property Shelf > Display > Grid Floor > Scale 0.001

If i use now the line tool it will always snap to the center (global)
but if i change the scale value in your script in line 295 to 0.001 (grid scale), it works again.

Work in mm is not really usable for archviz, but create for productviz.

(Okavango) #205

Nice work Mano. You and Antonioya are bound to make Blender a decent CAD app :slight_smile:

I felt i owe you a little explanation on the snap propositions. I realized that it seems they are not needed since all the features already exist if you use x/y/z keys. That is true, but the goal i had in mind is to enable user not to take of his eyes of the screen while axe-locking - he can lock the snap just by approaching his mouse to the axe and using left finger for ctrl. From my experience, x/y/z keys work but drasticaly inhibit the speed by constantly searching through the keyboard…

(mano-wii) #206

@mkbreuer, Now I realize what is the problem, fixed :slight_smile:
@Okavango, I liked the suggestion. Here’s a new version:

4.4.1 - Fix UNDO (Ctrl+Z).
4.4.2 - Fix: The Increment of Grids did not always respect the Grid scale
4.5 - The key ‘Ctrl’ also enables the ortho mode.


(JuhaW) #207

Increments of grid does not work anymore when new point meets the edge.

(mano-wii) #208

I do not know if I got it right. But when the cursor is snapped to an edge, snap to grid does not work.
Snap to Increments of grid doesn’t work while an edge is highlighted.

(Okavango) #209

Hey, nice one Mano! It really makes the switch easier.
It only gives me some hard time for the numerical values, holding ctrl doesn’t allow entering the distance. Maybe ctrl press for on / ctrl press for off? Just like your shift constraint?

(raziel_henzo) #210

Valeu pela atualização, ta cada vez melhor… parabens pela iniciativa, é uma excelente ferramenta.

(mano-wii) #211

Obrigado @raziel_henzo:)

An important bug fix has been made in the addon:

Fix: PC crash sometimes when “intersect”.

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(mano-wii) #212

It sounds good. I’ll do this

(artisanicview) #213

Hello. I just tried your plugin but unfortunately it is not “locking” the movement of the line to the axis, I mean, if I want to draw a line parallel to X axis, is not displaying the red color for the point that indicate that the line is drawn parallel with X axis. I need to check something somewhere to have this?

P.S. I just figure-out that I need to press the Ctrl key to do what I need. Thanks.

(Anan) #214

Great add-on.

Also, I’m learning blender scripting at the moment. And I still don’t have a good grip about Blender APIs, it’s still a myth after many tutorials. What’s it take and how you figure out to write this line plugin?

(mkbreuer) #215

Function to the Header
> for all buttons you need the full version (rotate / move)

(mano-wii) #216

Following the steps of “Blender/Python Documentation” on site “blender_python_api” is a good way to start as a beginner and advance to pro. :wink:
This manual is always being updated. Just open the newest in

Also we have this digital book, (It was through this book that I started). It is summarized and it is easy to understand.

I hope this helps

(mano-wii) #217

Interesting, I’ll take a look.

(AlexDS) #218

this is great ! Back in the days I used to build architectural models in Sketchup because it was so much simpler to do just that for the exact measurement. Not anymore. This tool is so much better because I dont’t ever wanna quit Blender. Thanks!

(jachtarfranko) #219

Hi Mano, I don’t know if it bug, but I think it is wrong.
This is default cube size 2, and there are more situations with similar behaviour.
Direction is not always steady before typing length.
Try please look at it.


(JuhaW) #220

Use XYZ to set directions, like X1.