CAD Snap Utilities


(jachtarfranko) #221

It is true, but desired direction could be sometimes different from X,Y Z …
I think the situation in my picture should work.

(mano-wii) #222

It really is a bug. I’m analyzing it now.

(mano-wii) #223

The addon Snap Utilities Line was updated. The Blender Market will be available tomorrow (depending on the site).

4.3 - Added preference “snap to increments of grid”.
4.4 - Added option “relative scale” to grid scale.
4.4.1 - Fix UNDO (Ctrl+Z).
4.4.2 - Fix: The Increment of Grids did not always respect the Grid scale
4.5 - The key ‘Ctrl’ also enables the ortho mode.
4.6 - Fix Bugs, performance improvements and redesign UI

Download on the first post or here:

(mano-wii) #224

Update 4.7: Replacing the internal operator “mesh.select_all” by simpler functions (improved performance), removing the alert “variable location”; and replacing the python function “try/exeption” by “if (with another conditional)/else” (great improvement in performance).

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(Spirou4D) #225

Hi mano-wii, I discovery your addon but amazing job!
COngrats as always

(bluecd) #226

Hi, ve bought already /as previously promised/ your addon, good job !
I just wonder if you got inspired by Sketchup cursor workflow?
If not-would you take a look at it? IMHO its quite wisely and efficiently coded idea and… YES!-could we have the same ? )))

(MESCH973) #227

great … i have purchased your addon

(mano-wii) #228

Thank you guys :slight_smile:

Yes I know. You could say that I was inspired in it.

(JoseConseco) #229

Ctrl constrain seems bronen. Reverting line 704 to old version:

if self.list_vertices_co != [] and (event.ctrl or self.keyf8)

seems to fix problem.

(mano-wii) #230

Enabling the “ortho mode” by pressing the Ctrl key has been disabled a time ago. Because the fact that you had to hold the button hindered work. And also the fact that the F8 key does the same thing, but enables when you press if and disables when you press again.

But I still appreciate suggestions.

(JoseConseco) #231

Ok, but I’m not sure if F8 is good hotkey. F8 is used for ‘reload scripts’ in blender.
Maybe making it more like knife tool - knife uses ‘c’-angle constraint. And knife uses bottom header panel for displaying modifier keys so it is nice for new users.
Anyway great addon I just bought it.

(mano-wii) #232

I plan to make a menu of keys configuration. This will permit that each user to customize their own way.

(Okavango) #233

Hi Mano!

Just to say thanks for your further advance of addons, i like very much your push-pull initiative and your CAD snap utilities.

Hope you don’t mind I attached here some of my addons i worked on a long time ago. They include deleting without confirmation, precision move tool like in your CAD utilities and a cage - scaling tool, but on a much more primitive level than the one you take. As it turns out they still work in 2.75, and their usage is explained inside the files. I use them often, hope you find them inspiring and keep up the great work!

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(mano-wii) #234

How Cool. I just test the “NP_anchor_translate_008”, and it works very well. I intend to increase the functionality of the operator in Snap_Utilities_Move. My plan is that it moves all the selected elements and ignore the unselected.

Each one program in a different way (I noticed you like to create operators that work internally only). I hope to see your threads showing your Addons :). Congratulations

(bluecd) #235

Did you consider maybe implementing SKP feature like: indicate an edge w/ a hotkey to lock a direction?

(mano-wii) #236

Could you be referring to “Shift” constrain?

(bluecd) #237

Wow, this is it, sorry- mostly dont read how-tos /until come to a dead end/.

(mano-wii) #238

No problem XD

(mkbreuer) #239

Hy mano-wii!

I noticed that your addon also shown in other editmode like curve-editmode, lattice-editmode, etc.
where we can´t use it. Can you fix it, please?

(mano-wii) #240

Thanks for your report :).
The addon now has been updated.