CAD Snap Utilities


(mkbreuer) #301

the tabulator constraint don´t work in 2.78… (yellow dot)
can you have a look at it?

(bkjernisted) #302

Are there any addons that prevent the installation of this addon and the paid version? Thanks 2.78a

(bkjernisted) #303

I believe I have to extract the zip file.

(Noittone) #304

I have registered only to thank you for your addon. It’s very very useful. I’m using Blender now as a hobby but as an AutoCad user i’m so used to snap tools and i have find this addon a time saver. Thank you very much again.

(Darcvizer) #305

I add 2 line code for a maya navigation


(mano-wii) #306

Thanks for the info:

(This addon has a custom navigation system, which is why it does not use PASS_THROUGH)
*Soon I will update the full version

(Darcvizer) #307

I want to say thank you for this addon it is one of the main for me.

I’m using the addon “Mouselook Navigation”, will I have problems because of this?

(mano-wii) #308

Probably not. All mapping of the navigation keymap is done in invoke. The modal is restricted.

(bekic.bojan) #309

Hi, it seems that the addon is broken in the daily builds.

(mano-wii) #310

Oh really!? This may depend on the operating system.
Could you describe the problem?

(burnin) #311

Also, could be connected to…
Thread: *** Addons Breakages 2.79 master (Nightly Builds)***

(bekic.bojan) #312

I’m sorry for not being more informative. I’ve looked at the addon versions, and it seems that version 5.7.5 of does not work with daily builds on Linux. I have replaced it in the addons folder with the version 5.7.2 from the official release and it works.

(mano-wii) #313

Thanks for the info.

I’m doing some updates on the snap system. And recently I fixed two bugs that I found. I hope it now works correctly on all OS

(bekic.bojan) #314

In today’s Linux build (Saturday) the version is still 5.7.5 and it does not work, at least in my case. It’s not an urgent matter since the version 5.7.2 works.

I wanted to add that your line tool has become one of the most essential modeling tools in Blender for me. I’m doing architectural models and the preciseness and ease of use it offers has made my workflow dependent on it. So thank you very much!

(fiendish55) #315

Snap utilities tool set is my everyday tool, plz update for 2.79 :slight_smile:

(mano-wii) #316

It should have some part in the terminal showing “Shader compilation failed: …”. This information would help to understand and correct the error.
It may also be that the addons repository has not yet been updated. I’ll update the version number to make sure that you’re using the latest version.

I’m happy to know. I thank you guys :slight_smile:
I’m updating

(bekic.bojan) #317

Hi! The addon v_5.7.6 works in todays bulid, thanks :). I’m gonna work all day with it and report if there’s any problem.

(mano-wii) #318

News :slight_smile:

Because of copyright I am limited in the choice of songs :\

(JTenebrous) #319

Thanks for update Mano-wii. I’ve owned a copy of these tools for a few years now, and still find them to be amongst my regular “go-to” tools - these bring the only features I really liked in Sketchup over to Blender. Great to see the continued support.

(JoseConseco) #320

Cool, are there new features?
Also question, are you still working on integrating better snapping directly into blender source code? This is best addon ever :slight_smile: