CAD Snap Utilities


(bekic.bojan) #341

Dunno how to :(. But I will annotate some screenshots, hope it will be enough

(bekic.bojan) #342

So, I can start with the default cube in edit mode. I wanna draw a line dividing the upper face in half.

I activate the line tool

Without clicking I just move the mouse to the desired position. Everything ok for now.

Then I click LMB. (look at the taskbar reflecting this).

Then I release and move the mouse. No line is drawn.

Then a second click, the one that should end the line.

After release, snap tracking continues, as if I actually never even started drawing.
This is my preferences

This is the same as with other Snap Utilities tools. They stay in snap tracking mode and ignore LMB.

Any thoughts? :slight_smile:

(bekic.bojan) #343

Now I deactivated the paid version and reactivated the free one and it works as expected

(mano-wii) #344

I can’t see an explanation for that.
If the line operator of the paid version does not work, the operator of the free version should not work as well, since they are the same.
Are you using blender of different dates?
You can try download the version 5.9.5 on BM, but there is no change in this area.
Really weird.

(bekic.bojan) #345

It works!!! So happy :slight_smile:

I’ve downloaded today’s build and it started working normally. Gonna work all day with it and test :slight_smile:

I bought it without having an account (which I now made) so I dunno how to download updates. Anyway, gonna send messages on BM from now on so to stop clutterng this thread. Thanks for your patience!

(mano-wii) #346

Glad it worked :slight_smile:
Since the update fixed the problem, I’ll send an email to all buyers pointing to the download link for the 5.9.5.

(Kea Lim) #347

Downloaded and tested, it not working properly. When try to move an object from one corner to another object’s corner; the reference point was snap to the world origin. Did I do something wrong?

(mano-wii) #348

The same applies to objects of type light or empty?
Are you using the latest Blender 2.80 version?
Keep in mind that Blender 2.80 is still beta and for addon features to work properly you have to use the latest version.

(Kea Lim) #349

I use today’s built.

(mano-wii) #350

I really can’t think of anything that would justify the code making the reference point to snap to the world origin.
Can you try to move a Light?

(mano-wii) #351

Is there any error message on the console?

(wilBr) #352


snap_utilities_line can’t to snap to another scene object out of current editing one…

can the pro version do?

(mano-wii) #353

What do you mean by “another scene object of current editing one”?
Unless you’re referring to a very old version, the snap_mesh_utilities_line addon snaps all objects in a scene, whether in or out of edit mode.

(wilBr) #354

snap seems to work, but no line creation… blender gives me a error:

…\", line 238, in _init_snap_line_context = bmesh.from_edit_mesh(
ValueError: The mesh must be in editmode

(Nomo) #355

With the addon, we have precision move and precision rotate tools. Do you plan to add precision scale tool like 1-D scale that exists in Rhino 3D? With this tool, you can custom define your scale axis quickly and scale to a precise point.

Also, would it be possible to activate make line tool in object mode (as if adding a primitive) - I think that a good way to separate the reading of a line to an edge is for edge to adapt dash lines like maya’s modeling toolkit cut tool.

I’m completely content with the tool as it operates right now, but these are some things that I thought about.

(mano-wii) #357

Thanks for the report, apparently this is a bug. I will try to reproduce and fix :wink:

(mano-wii) #358

I could add, but currently doing the maintenance of 4 operators is very exhausting.
New features can be evaluated better after the release of the official Blender 2.80.

(wilBr) #359

objects ‘out of’ editing mode.

if I have 2 objects in a scene… 1 box and 1 plane… inside plane edit mode I can’t use the box for line snap drawing.

(se eu tiver dois objetos na cena… 1 box e 1 plane… quero usar o box como referencia para desenhar minhas linhas enquanto estiver no modo de edição do objeto ‘plane’… knife tool tem o mesmo problema de não considerar objetos que não estão sendo editados como target para o snap)

edit: Ok … this is a bug… thank you

(Kea Lim) #360

I move the light but base point still snap to the world origin. Please see image attached.

(mano-wii) #361

I can see the snap point (orange) in the upper right corner.
I see that your screen is quite large. It may be a precision limit when calculating with int. I’ll investigate.

In the meantime, can you see if any messages appear on the console? (Go to Windows -> Toggle System Console).

(It would also be nice to see afterwards that messages appear if you open the blender with the --debug-gpu option).