CAD Snap Utilities

it’s a bit scary hearing that snap utilities might go away. currently it is vastly superior to what blender is offering. The Move/Rotate with snap and make line are very powerful tools which I can’t seem to find a replacement for in Blender. And afaik Germano was only contracted for 3 months so not sure what that means for this awesome tool.

Does it mean that the functions of Move, Push_Pull, and Rotate are attached to Snap Utilities that only has the Line function included in Blender’s default settings?
Blender has been helped by Push_Pull that came with the paid one since 2.79.
If it merges, it will be nice, but it is sad that the paid Snap Utilities will disappear :cry:

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does this add on implemented in 2.8 ? i cant seems to find any similar icons

the basic one is called snap utilities line and is an addon included with blender, it should only be activated

yeah, i already activated that one. and its working really good especially the snapping. how about the rest of the add-on ? are there anyway i could purchase ? and if its coming to blender do any one have any idea about the ETA ?

I believe @mano-wii discontinued sales while he works at the Blender Foundation, implementing snapping tools that will likely be very similar to this addon. Maybe if you need them urgently you could get in touch?

i would like to. but im having hard time looking for the contact information.
cause the line add-on really well made and its tremendously helping with my transition from sketchup.

You can get some of the snapping improvements right now in the 2.81 daily builds. There is also a “push/pull” like tool (destructive extrude) that (I think) is being considered for 2.82 or a later release. You can find test builds of Blender that include it on graphicall. I am not sure what the plans are for any of the other features in Snap Utilities.

the bone studio destructive compiled blender do work very well. it just that the destructive extrude doesnt seems to be working with snap, but still a very good one.

Comming from Sketchup the Snap Utilities Line is a very welcome plugin :slight_smile:

One thing I would like to be able to change - and I hope it’s possible. I’m lefthanded, so i have to cross my arms to lock x, y and z axies. I looked for a way to change this to the arrow keys instead, but I have not succeded.

Does anyone know if it’s possible?


i checked the 2.82 documentation, doesnt seems to be coming. and the add on still not in sale…
and news on this plugins ?


Thanks for great addon!
use for special occasions since 2.79
but today found no snapping at all on 2.81 win10x64, just draw lines by x and y axis, toggled all options
tried download 2.82, unpack and enable the addon, but have the same problem
have console error:
TypeError: handler() takes 2 positional arguments but 3 were given


I just wanted to report a bug that I noticed after trying to create lines snapped to the grid:

It made Blender crash.
addon version: 5.9.18
blender 2.81a

Thanks for the report, I’m seeing this same error message here, but I can’t replicate the problem.

Thanks for the report, but the image is cropped and I can’t replicate the problem here.

When reporting a bug, preferably use the channel provided by Blender. There, some infos are filled automatically. And it is easier to keep track of the bugs :wink:

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Sorry about the cropped image, my hand had to be fast to be able to reach the PrintScreen key and take a screenshot.
I have been trying to reproduce the crash, without success for the moment.

I have bug with cutting faces.
Blender 2.82

i Like the addon by Germano Cavalcante’s snap utilites. I do have it enabled but not sure if something is missing

I am watching this video

So I think I am not able to rotate and snap things into place now with 2.8 ? LIke in the video he made where he rotated the roof and snapped it to place ? Is that function removed ? Yes at 10:26 he used the round tool to snap the roof into place. Can blender 281a do this in some other way ??

I can still move a object and have it snap. I had to make the lower right vertex my origin point and then I could snap it to the cone. So at least the move function from before has a replacement.

Super nice addons and useful.
Here extrude and reshape for 2.8x (just until it uppears in Blender)

Thank you.



i installed it but cant seems to find it anywhere on the screen ?