CAD Snap Utilities

I’m using the Mesh: Snap_Utilities_Line tool with the blender-3.0.0-alpha+master.79425ed32676-windows.amd64-release. It is wonderful but sometimes shapes aren’t welded closed properly. Is this a snap problem or welding problem? The Mesh: Snap_Utilities_Line tool finally gives me SketchUp level functionality in Blender.

I have not tried Blender 3.0, but I have experienced the same kinds of problems on 2.93. Maybe it has gotten worse? I think the snapping is really bad. the welding also got some problems. Sometimes I don’t know if it’s a failed snap or failed welding.

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Okay. I guess that means the mesh line tool works properly (yay) but the snap and weld bugs are actually in Blender’s core. Just now if I turn on snap to increment with grid on the lines aren’t trying to snap to the grid even though the check is in the box. Blender should just add snap to grid as a setting as well. It’s weird having the snap to grid in the increment area as the main snap to grid setting. It should be secondary. There should be a snap to grid setting then snap to increment (maybe with the snap to grid check box). If you click and turn it on the main snap to grid setting would be on. I hope this can be fixed. Blender has an actual line tool that can draw like in SketchUp. It’s fantastic. It’s gonna make drawing in Blender so much easier kind of like in other CAD systems. We just need to find someone that can fix the snaps and welds built into Blender. Anyone here know someone that can help?

Does it? I don’t understand what you are saying about the grid snapping, except that I agree about snap to grid.

I don’t believe Snap Utilities Line will get better. The add-on it was a part of is dead, I don’t know if anybody updates is anymore. I put most of my hopes on the Construction Lines add-on. Snapping to a vertex point when drawing lines sometimes feels more easy then connecting with a line in SketchUp and it’s still getting improved. Dan, the developer, is working on grid snapping. Construction Lines last i checked had a worse cutting/welding problem than Snap Utilities Line (like n-gons) and works worse in a big scene/object. But it’s getting better. It also has many of the same tools as SketchUp. Then there is the Face Cutter add-on from Kushiro that looks interesting, even if it’s harder to be precise with it.

But I do wish the ordinary knife was better. It can snap to vertex and edge, but I do wish I could snap to a vertex, drag it along an edge and then have it make a vertex point at a input distance. Then I wish it could lock at the same position on a edge the other side of a face with or without direction locking. It is after all already superior at cutting faces. Also it’s hard to see if a cuts starts where one wants to, it does not visible snap to points before a cut.