CAD Snap Utilities


(vvoovv) #141

Worked for me for your sample plan in the addon version 3.9

(mano-wii) #142

@Okavango, I’m doing some tests with the plant now. One thing to note is that the snap does not work with isolated edges (edges that are not connected to faces). Implement this functionality is quite complicated. But I will try.
Thanks for the suggestions

(mano-wii) #143

The blender python does not provide any facility when it comes to snap. Because of this, many solutions are complicated and can not save memory.

To avoid this, and solve some problems mentioned by @pitiwazou, I’m thinking in developing a new module entirely in python that provides these desired snap functions. But it may take a while (maybe months).

But it would be great progress.

(matali) #144

Hi Mano,
Really good addon. Nice to see you are going to implement good snap funtions. I tested your addon. For some reasons, the snapping on other vertecies that the one you are working on doesn’t work in orthogonal view mode. I use 4.0 and tried with and without “snap to outer vertices”.
Anyway, great job and thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

(Ector3) #145

Mano-wii … Is it possible for your addon to only measure from one snap point to another?
Like a tape measure. I mean same as your line tool but does not draw anything just meassures?
That would be awesome!

(Okavango) #146

@vvoovv - yeah, i was using 4.0, thank you for testing and quick reply…

@mano-wii - i anticipated it was about isolated edges. Funny enough, it works on those same edges when in edit mode. I guess your idea of a separated module is the best solution, i am just amazed what you accomplished with python so far…

@Ector3 - that was planned as my next suggestion :slight_smile: Something like the line tool that does only 2 points in 3D and outputs the distance on screen. There was a great bgl addon that had some of those elements, i think it was called Measure panel…

(mano-wii) #147

I tried to reproduce the problem and could not. I will continue analyzing this.

Yes this is possible. :slight_smile:
But it is necessary consider well the need. Since the addon gives to measure without drawing (just leave the mouse over the element without clicking). There is also a tool in Blender that does exactly that.

Thanks @Okavango :). I have given the first steps to make the module only to snap.

(jachtarfranko) #148

Hi Mano, thanks for your e-mail with 4.1 version.
Maybe it is because I am on another PC now,
but I have problem to write decimal numbers on numerical keyboard,
there must be dot in your plugin, but Blender itself is satisfied with comma on numerical…

(mano-wii) #149

@jachtarfranko: Ahhh, I saw. The problem was solved :slight_smile: . You will see working in the next versions

(phelioz) #150

Working good now, really good addon. But I am wondering do you have any plans for the feature I said before. Being able to use the move and rotate in edit mode. I would be so useful instead of having to seperate objects to use the tool.

(mano-wii) #151

Is in the plans. But implementing this is harder than it looks. Once the snap searching the closest element, becomes necessary hide the elements that move or rotate. But how to do this in python? How to do the snap function ignore the elements that move?
When I have the answer to this question, this feature will be implemented.

(miikka1978) #152

I still have to check one proposal for potential development. Do you think that it would be possible to include incremental snapping (centimeters) for this nice tool? I am frustrated that it is not possible to have incremental snapping for centimeters in Blender because it would make modeling with dimensions much easier. Also, it could suit to this Addon quite well.

(mano-wii) #153

I’ll try, this really will be a good implementation. There are two ways to do:

  • One will be just to round the value displayed in the header and apply it whenever you press Enter;
  • Another way is to make the cursor jumps to every value increment.

I’ll try to make the second way. Once it has done I report.

(mano-wii) #154

The feature “snap with incremental” is now available for testing.

(Ector3) #155

WOW That’s a pretty cool feature. And the incremental works with imperial! Great work.

(miikka1978) #156

That was quick! I did just a quick test in this stage. Anyway, seems to work well and definitely useful functionality to me. Big thanks!

(jachtarfranko) #157

Incremental is fantastic :slight_smile:
For architectural walls, thick 30 cm, for example …

(Okavango) #158

Great work Mano… Tell me, would it be hard to implement ‘snap to axis’ feature? Could the tool sense it is near x, y or z direction and soft-snap to it without hitting the x/y/z key? In such case hitting the key would still keep it’s hard-snap function…

(vvoovv) #159


Just curious. How do you detect that the cursor is over a specific vertex or edge? Could you point to the related piece of code of the addon?

(mano-wii) #160

Good idea :), I could simulate the “Ortho Mode (F8)” AutoCad. So it would automatically snap to the nearest axis.

With pleasure :slight_smile:

x, y = (event.mouse_region_x, event.mouse_region_y), y))

geom = bm.select_history[0]