CAD/Surface modeling tools in blender

Are there any addons or tools in blender that could resemble some of the common cad modeling tools?

For example I’m mainly interrested in tools/addons that could help create fillets, blend surfaces, surface patches between enclosing borders of meshes, some curvature fix function to cope with pinching in case of poles…

Now partialy I found some ways that get me close to some of the methods but many times the results are hard to control, for example:

I can get nice trim surfaces and fillets with booltool addon in combination with bevel after boolean addon, which results in undistorted mesh (speaking of curvature not topology) but I do need dense mesh for the operation to work properly and custom edge functions sometimes works sometimes doesn’t.
So maybe a bevel addon that colapses neighboring edges and vertices in favor of bevel radius itself would be much better (again topology comes secondary to me after surface quality when it comes to fillets and bevels)

I know you can use grid fill and bridge edge loops to get some quad patches and it works almost perfectly but in this case wrong topology kills the surface quality so I guess a tool/addon that creates automaticaly even distribution/amount of vertices/edges before creating patch that on top of that has some continuity options would be fantastic. Not sure if there is something like that but I guess if it can exist cad it should be doable no?

Lastly I would like to know that you cannot avoid poles in polygon modeling completely and subdivision modifier cannot fix the pinching itself. But is there some addon that could recalculate the surface area to smooth out the terrible pinching? Again I can fix this by projecting/shrinkwrapping geometry on top of high quality surface. But that means I have to build the quality cad surface first… I hope this is somehow possible to solve.

So if there is anyone who knows how to get around any of those issues please let me know. paid addons or third party solutions, anything that would help is welcome.

not in bl

but try an SVN like

happy bl