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I am an architect migrating to Blender for Arch Viz, so far Blender has been working nicely, but I would like to know what is the best way to manage design changes. Is there a way to actualize the cad geometry after it has been changed but keep all the blender materials? I want to avoid having to re-apply materials everytime that there are changes on the design…

Thanks in advance.

Hi De_Gutsch,
if you are using Rhino you can look at this:

Or you can explain a bit which is your workflow.
I don’t know other solutions besides that addon but maybe someone else can help you.
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Thanks for your input, good to know about the Rhino import might be useful later, but I use Archicad.

The workflow is very simple, I save the 3d model, in this case sketchup and import it in Blender. The problem is that this is an iterative process and the model has to be changed many times during the design phase (and sometimes even after, if you are an architect you know this) and would like to avoid the hassle of having to re-apply all the materials again every time that the model changes. Using Cinema 4D instead of Blender there is a way to link the Archicad model and when it changes Cinema updates the geometry but respects the assigned materials.


@De_Gutsch I teach interior design and as long as there is no live sync no what you ask for will always result into redo work.

Frustrating I agree.

I teach my students a process where everything is modular interior / exterior walls for example.