Cadillac coupe de ville

This is my last finished project in blender.Modelled in blender 2.63 with Bmesh rendered with cycles in 300 passes.Looking forward for your cretique.

Nice cars but the glas material of windows and also the headlights is to smokie/dark. The right car is it a white painted under pinkish light? And the scale of the graffiti makes it out of proportion and somehow it also doesn’t fit as context so well.

I guess you are right about the glass shader.The right car is white but i used a color correction and pumped up the reddish color so that is the reason why it is getting close to pinkish. Thanks for your mentions.

Have to agree, the car models are lovely and I think you have done a top notch job there. Just the final rendering composition might need a bit of work. Maybe do one of just one of the cars, maybe a studio setup. Getting the camera up close and personal will let us admire the modelling :slight_smile: God knows I’ve tried and failed several times to model a car! So great car, maybe need a better final render to really show it off :slight_smile:

I guess you are right my scene setup was rough. I will correct this and tray to make the most out of it. Thanks for your comments.