Cadillac Eldorado in front of a store

Hello there,

I created this scene for the cadillac eldorado of 1959 model, I made a few month ago. I put alot of efford in the car and did not want to do only some studio Renders. So I decided to create this 60s themed street. I hope you like it. Criticism is always welcome. Rendered with 2000 smaples in around 4h, for each image.

Some test renders:


Nice details! I’m working on something similar right now. I have the urge to turn on the headlights. Something about the Electronics sign seems more modern than '60s. I like the imperfections, like the apparently broken “R” (intentional?).

ok thanks, actually the “R” was not intentional :smiley: , but its true it looks a bit broken. I would be happy to see your scene when it is finished.