cadillac eldorado modeling contest

who can make the best cadillac eldorado in 2 weeks? thats what this contest is for!

DEADLINE: Saturday, December 29, 2007

Maximum modeling time: 2 weeks. (make them good)
.blend files MUST be included
no fonzie spoilers. i dont want the wing things on the back of the truck. just a flat trunk.
realism is essential

so there you go. a 2 week challange to see who can make the best eldorado. if you need blueprints, here you go:


Somehow i always get the feeling when this kind of contests pop up that you have somesort of project of your own where you need this kind of model. (not accusing) just… it just feels me no matter who posts these… Sorry. :slight_smile:

Good luck with the comtest tho…

Ooo! Ooo! Here’s my entry! Didn’t take two weeks, either!

Just your typical box model. Do you really need the blend? :evilgrin:

uh, any chance of there being a higher resolution blueprint of it ?

haha. and you can use any blueprint you want as long as it doesnt have the fonzie spoilers on the back. just google some.
and no this is not for any individual project of mine, i was just trying to model one and ive been having CAR PROBLEMS, so i was wondering if it was me or the car if it was 2 hard 2 model

heres my entry, i know its not that great, it was only 2-3 hrs; i didnt feel like texturing so heres a clay render i rendered with indigo[]_car.png
btw is there any chance of a prize?
ill pm you the link to the .blend after its over