Cafe Design

Hello Everybody, here is a cafe I am currently working on. I came across the idea after a failed house project with a similar design. The cafe is meant to be very modern.It is quite a low resolution here but I am working on a higher quality one. Any critiques would be appreciated!:eyebrowlift::yes::rolleyes:

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Updated version with trees and an enviornment. The roof also has an added texture.:eyebrowlift:

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Hi Jerry, your dimensions aren’t quite right. A person wich is sitting outside under the end of the roof would not be able to stand there comfortably. Somethin is off here… keep it up :slight_smile:

Fixed proportions:yes:

also, your concrete window and door frame look a bit too thick and too simple…
maybe it would be better if you change the material to metal, as well…

metal frame and background and street

Hi Jerry! You should learn some basics of architecture. Ask for help to architects. I can tell you that a cafe for so many people (4 per table) is too small You need space for a bathroom (minimum for the employees) a reception, a small kitchen and enough space for walking comfortably. The minimum height (from floor to roof) should be 2,20 meters. The roof lack of details pay attention to real constructions and you’ll see. A roof is holded by beams as well as columns.

Express Cafe new with more room and a takeout area. And tall enough to stand under:rolleyes:

I agree with alvaro… the roof is lacking a support construction. you need to add beams or at least make the roof thicker (about 3 inches), so that you can say that the construction is hidden inside.

The Cafe now has a 3in roof as well as an interior (second image) and a menu (third image) and a clock (first image)

It’s looking much better now. But, hm… I’m thinking now that maybe the roof is too thin still. Actually I did some research and if you make the roof 3.5 inches thick, than the roof construction is more plausible to be able to exist in real world. Everything else is looking good, except maybe he wall where the door and window is. Those stones over there are just bugging me, they don’t look completely realistic…

New high quality render with a thicker roof as well as a changed wall texture, although i am still having problems with the window area of the wall. Also a quick render of the interior ordering station through the window.