Cairo (formerly Futuristic Outskirts) - nearly final pg 2.

Well, ive started a new blend and decided to do a WIP thread :smiley:
this is what i’ve got so far; it is a VERY early WIP. The idea is the outskirts of some ultra-futuristic cityplanet where its been kindof abandoned in this part; and the main city is in the b/g.

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I really need suggestions for the foreground; although ideas for the B/G are welcome as well.
no lighting yet, just so you’d know :wink:

If it’s abandoned(the forground) maybe rust up the trusses and make chunks of them collapsed?

thats a good idea Fonix Wircs. i’ll think about it :slight_smile: although i’m not sure what to do about the foreground; i may ditch it and make a rocky hill in which you can see the pyramids over the top. I’ll see what works :slight_smile:

for now though, i have a big update. Made some better lighting on the pyramids, slightly altered the architecture of the large pyramid (may do the same for the smaller ones) and added some light pollution like you would see in a city.

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Comments and suggestions appreciated!

well, i rendered a 1024x768 version. Also, i tried adding a little light to the foreground… mabey i’ll make some old work lights or something along those lines. I’m also toying with a cliff overlooking the city, which i’ll upload tommorow (its 2:00 am right now :o )

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you know the drill, comments and suggestions welcome :stuck_out_tongue:

I love the pyramids in this and the lighting and the greyscale feel is great.
However, I’m having an issue with proportions in this pic.

The pyramids are huge I take it.
However, the grate-like structure in the foreground looks like it must be absolutely massive.

I’m not sure how to describe it, but the foreground doesn’t seem to be that far from the pyramids at all and yet the size…

How big is it meant to be?

God I hope I’m making sense because I seem to have lost some English vocabulary during this posting. :expressionless:


Cool stuff. somehow, it reminds me of Bladerunner.
Now for the suggestions, maybe you should add some colored falshing lights on the metallic structure on the foreground. To warn any kind of flying vehicule (plane, flying car…) passing by that there is something down there. Just a thought though.
Keep it up.

These metallic structures need to be some use for something. Maybe they could hold some heat/water/electric pipes/tubes/wires that connect to power plants and other cities. Also some sort of hoovercraft flying low over those structures and patrolling around would fit in nicely. Maybe a rusting robot laying somewhere or some robots building more of that metal structure. So far your image looks really nice anyway, keep up the good work. :slight_smile:

That surely is one excellant image being cooked up there, you’re doing a very nice job with the futuristic look.

thanks everyone for your comments :slight_smile:
I agree, the foreground needs a lot of work. It was created in a hurry just to HAVE something in the foreground :wink: All of you have good suggestions. I’ll see what I can do.
keep the comments and suggestions comin!

ok, i added more buildings to the skyline and also put in some hovering car thingys above the city.

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please comment! :smiley:

To tell you the truth I prefered the buildings when they were just the pyramids.

I liked the lighting effect on the pyramids because it would make sense that someone would be shining bit lights up the pyramids to make them stand out from a distance. However, I can’t see the same lighting effect being used on the smaller buildings.

Also with just the pyramids it looked like this was a city in one structure (well more than one - but almost one :smiley: ). However, having multiple smaller buildings diminishes this effect somewhat. The pyramids seem to lose there purpose a bit.


‘BladeRunner’ meets ‘Outland’. Nice in a ‘can’t figure out why this looks good’ way.

here’s a version with just the skyline, i’m not sure if i like it better. Also i fixed up the lighting on the buildings.

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keep the comments comin :smiley:

ok, i made a major update to this image; and i think its pretty much how the final image is going to look. I call it “Cairo 2550” :stuck_out_tongue:

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please comment before i place this in finished projects :smiley:

You need a nightclub.

Hey blenie’,
It looks almost perfect like that. I just love those moons. that add to the surreal athmosphere. I just have one crit: The foreground is either too dark and lacks of details or we see too much of it. I mean it takes too much place in the composition to be so dark. I would make brighter and add some details or just lower it to remove that empty space.
Just a thought. take it or leave it.
Keep it up.

Why did you get rid of the steel structures and what’s that new dark flat thingie trying to be?-/ Some part of the cabin of a hoovercraft you’re using to approach the city, maybe? in that case you should add some windows or something to it. Also I had to tweak up the brightness and contrast of my monitor to see those tiny cars hoovering above the city. Wouldn’t they be light sources, too? They would actually look like continuous red/yellow light lines due to slow shutter speed your camera would need to take an image in dark conditions like these. Also some traffic lights hoovering in the places where the “roads” intercept would look nice.

the textures of the buildings are still too similar; there needs to be some variation in shapes and colors , to a small extent within each building and to a larger extent between them- just enough to add interest and break the impression that they have one large texture projected onto them.

There’s some wierd light on the right side of the big pyrimad it might be just me but it seems to be coming from the middle of nowhere.
also how did you make the waves in the sand?
awesome picture i like the moons

Looks great so far. I love the mood. Those birds added a nice touch. Though moons need soem more depth, now the look as if they were painted on.