Cairo - *UPDATED* (sorry =] )

This is my major and final update to the WIP thread. :slight_smile:

EDIT Scroll down to see the update. *EDIT

note that the name “Cairo” was used based on artistic license, as this isn’t earth :stuck_out_tongue:

I know its a bit more colorful than my usual pics, but hey! its art :wink:

comments welcome! :smiley:

edit: oh, big thanks to BlackMage for postprocessing tips.
also, i tried a monochrome blue-tinted version (which i really like) which can be found here:

nice job :smiley: love the color

that looks good. i followed your wip thread and it has realy grown to something great.

Whoa! I like a lot! Sand could use some work, though, and since it’s on another planet, I feel that a chaotic rock desert would have appeared more striking than a sand one.


:smiley: good work.

i got an e-mail for you today, from someone telling me my work in the “blenergetic folder” was really good and that i was a good artist LOL.

so you are getting a good reputation.


major improvment blenergetic! I would try making the moons light pollution more blured (less defined if you will).

This turned out very nicely from the WIP… I really like the blue one. If it was rendered at 1024x768 or 1280x1024, it would be my new desktop background ;). I also like the “halo” of light around the buildings, nice effect.

Hear here! Do a render at 1280x1024! This is too cool not to.

thanks for all the comments guys! :smiley:
just a note, this picture is 1024 pixels wide; so it can be used as a destkop background on 1024x768 monitors (just make sure to center the picture on the desktop, rather than stretch)

EDIT: Here is a link to a bigger render (1280 pixels wide)
Why I named it cairo1024 when its indeed 1280 pixels wide, i have no clue %|
Also, note that the colors may be a little different in that image, because i had to do the postprocessing over again, and i couldn’t get it to look exactly like before. :slight_smile:

Very futuristic and colorful, the light pollution effect is pure excellance.

i like the one with the colors best. very very cool.

grr i have this bad habit of constantly updating my Finished Projects. But, this should be the only update. really.

I just wanted to change a few things with the original image:
-added more hovercars IN the city (may be hard to see)
-inproved the sand material
-put a little lighting on the boulder to stop it from being a big black blob :stuck_out_tongue:
-added more detail to the smaller buildings, as well as antennae
-fixed the stars; they didn’t look quite right.

well, enough said, heres the image!

Please comment! :smiley:

Whoa… nice job.

The foreground takes away from the image, because frankly it’s not very good sand. I get the idea that it’s a pretty solid mass… it lacks detail, or perhaps just needs tweaking. Sand is really hard to do. You’ll normally see all kinds of micro-pits in it, sections that have bonded together and hardened, etc.

The footprints kind of play into the appearance of a stiff surface - footprints in slightly moist dirt would look like that.

Footprints in stiff dry sand
Footprints in dry, loose sand

Hey dude,
It looks good. I just have one question. Is your picture inspired by this:
Or is it just a coincidence? I just wonder. Cool pic anyway.
Keep it up.

great image. so in the future, they will turn the pyramids into malls?

WOW :o
That is great…
Simply amazing. :o

:o :o Incredibly good, reminds me of Star Wars attak of the clones

so in the future, they will turn the pyramids into malls?

I love the concept that they’ll begin building vastly larger buildings by using a pyramid-like format for superior structural support - allowing almost mountain sized buildings - the size of most small towns today, in terms of the area of the building’s base. Entire “cities” within one huge structure! (“So, what’s your address?” “Oh, I’m on floor 3012, SW sector, Hallway 233, Suite 875… you should stop by sometime!”)

thanks for all the comments guys :smiley:
yes, i agree the sand needs some improvement; but i’m finished with this (for now) perhaps someday i’ll pick it up and refine it :slight_smile:

igorsandman, nope, never seen that image! But it’s cool though :wink:

right click-- set as wallpaper


It should be on a poster