Cake Day

My new artwork - “Cake Day”

Created in cycles, some fixing and added elements in Photoshop CS6 :slight_smile:
I wanted some dramatic effects, such as light. And I did it… Yay !

All critism are ok.

Work by me - AP.

Moderator note: Image removed

Your image looks impressive and delicious! There are not many renders of food which look realistic and are made with blender.
The only things that I would change are the edges of the grated chocolate (they look a little bit too pointy and uniform in the bowl) and the inner edge of the icing (it looks quite sharp).

Looks amazing ! The only thing that I find a bit weird is the shape of the fork. Can you show wireframe ?

Wow, stunning! It’s very nice! In fact, the fork it’s a little bit weird and I think it’s material need just a very little more reflection, very little. Congrats! :yes:

That’s great! Fork’s teeth seem a bit too long imo. Love the atmo!

Mmm! So sweet. There are a lot of realistic things. About a fork, I think the same, but overall are very well done. Five star from me;)

Mmm, it seems that this image is very, very, very similar to this one , maybe too much …

Stealing artwork and claiming it as you’re own brings no benefit to you or anyone. You should be ashamed of yourself.

;( COOOPYRIGHTING? LOL! Its exact the same!!!

Original author of this artwork:
Stealing artwork from others is a shame, but stealing from a commercial society which sell its artworks is worst…
You should be banned from Blenderartist for that, and for the offense you commited it’s not to us to decide.

From other hand this is his first post in Blenderartists community and its not strange as we can see!

OMG. :no: Stealing work is disgusting. BAN! :mad:

It’s definitely stolen. Here’s an article about how it was made using 3DS Max and the Corona renderer.

Given how easy it is to do an image search, it amazes me that anyone would attempt something like this. One of my other hobbies is photography, and theft is a common problem. I used to hang out at the Popular Photography forums, and one guy there was banned for repeatedly trying to pass off others’ work as his own. Even after being warned he couldn’t stop himself.

Steve S

Took me half second to recognize this image, pratically the best render with chocolate i have seen.
Anyway seems like the OP beside stealing also changed some color levels/tones…and the result looks worse than the original :frowning:

Really Disapointing… ! Stealing Artworks is against the law! This user should be BANNED, and the ip also.

The real Author Lukas Sztukowski! This Artwork belong to Lukas Sztukowski!

Sad. Just sad. :no:

just… why??? :confused: you must of known that people would notice that this isn’t you’re artwork? It’s a dirty move, stealing other people’s work that they spent many hours labouring over! Learn to do this stuff yourself, or find something else to do with you’re time.

SHAME ON YOU :ba::ba::ba:

why would you even do such a thing.

just beautiful…

If he is banned, then he would be the first person in the history of the Blender community (read, not a spambot) to get it after one post.

Stealing an image as a way of making an entrance is very bad form, and undoubtedly will cast a highly negative reputation on you for the foreseeable future. I would apologize and delete the image from the post as soon as possible for the sake of perhaps avoiding this.