Cake Run ( short animation project )


I’ve been working on a small animated short , done in Blender 2.90.1 with the help of Gimp.

I’ve been enjoying fast eevee preview Renders, which is what you see in the above video link.

I’m going to be setting up a nice cycles render , cause I’m happy with the flow and animation of this short animation.

Comnents welcome.


I really like that. I know it’s just preview rendering, but the lack of definition gives it a slightly alien vibe. It reminds me of the early 80s computer animation that i grew up with, particularly the video for Dire Straights’ Money for Nothing.


Thanks Bearcat_Sandor…I’m also not the biggest fan of eevee, especially with my current hardware. Yes I’ve kept this project pretty simple , which might be highlighted by your comment of 80s animation. But ummmm …I really do like the simplicity of the shapes and characters…I’m not going for semi-realistic. Just simple. Simple trees, houses, mountains grass. Just simple.

But I am interested in seeing a nice cycles version of this animation, which I will be working on soon.

I wasn’t clear. My comment was a complement. I was assuming that style was what you were aiming for, and I really like this, and it was just the right nostalgia this morning with my coffee. It’s a great little story too.


Thanks Bearcat_Sandor…maybe I will make more based on these characters.