Cal3D bone orientation issue

Just posting this to double check a bone rotation issue with the updated (??) Cal3D export script that’s included with 2.45. There appears to still be a minor problem with bone rotation information along the negative (??) ‘Y’ axis when exporting armatures out; if a bone is rotated through 180 degrees it ‘breaks’ the rotation data gets exported incorrectly.

I’m in the process of trying to get Blender 3D fully supportedfor content creation for IMvu and this little problem is the final hurdle in that… (almost… there… Scotty… we need… more power!), most everythng works (after a lot of work) except for this issue - bones can lay flat and objects in IMVU will do that same, upright and they do the same except on the ‘-Y’ axis, they get squewed. The good news is that they all get squewed by the same angle so they all appear in IMvu with the same rotation along this axis. Some shots below to clarify the above.

(below) The bones as they are orentated in Blender - ‘Y’ = up, ‘Z’ = pointing into the room
(below) The orientation of the bones show in top down view in Blender.
(below) The results in IMvu
So the above shot shows the bones on the wall to the left (“2”) behaving correctly, whereas the bones on the wall to the right (“1”) do not, despite being correctly setup in Blender. If the bones are rotated to compensate it doesn’t straighten the calander up but instead squews them at an odd angle.

I’ve been able to dublicate this problem in another Blender file and mesh/rig exported; same problem, same results (which is kind of encouraging as it means the root cause is the same thing in all instances).