Calculate Edge Selection Length

Hi Folks!
Really often, I’ve to deal with real measurements on building’s facade to calculate needed cables total length for shows or metal’s total structure length, or whatever length.

For that simple task, there is (IMO) no convenient tools that fits my needs.
As someone again, ask for calculating the total of an edge selection here, i started to read about it all around the blender internet stuffs. And i found that bmesh script here , made by @zeffii
. thx to him for his excellent web site.

Switching in between blender and console windows can be really annoying when you want to see the result. So, i decided to add an interface on the N panel for mesh editing, displaying the result and a button to launch the calculation. And then, to learn more and more stuffs, i decided to turn it to an addon.
As i m not “properly talking” a coder, i know that it could be done in a more “noble” way, but it works.
i’m displaying the result in an interactive property (shame on me).
As it’s an addon you can add or remove it as usual.
and download it here: (2.7 KB)
you can see it in action on this video:

I know that it’s a little thing, but i hope someone ll find it useful.


The addon MeasureIt does that same and it comes with Blender. The interface is more complex.