calculate the mass and volume?

is there a way to calculate the mass and volume of a mesh.

Is there a srcipt i could use. some other thing.
Thanks for any help.

GammaRayQ21 Creations = GRQ21

Not sure is this is what you’re looking for, but the phisics engine (f7) can control the effects of mass (bounce reaction, gravity ect.).

I think your asking for functionality found in programs like AutoCad. You won’t find that in blender… no dimension measuring tools at all as far as I’ve found. You can get coordinates but not the computed distances… someone please correct me if I am wrong.

Blender is made to create things by “eye” rather than with mathematical precisions.

tuhopuu (an experimantal fork of blender) shows edge length and area, if i’m correct. this can be activated in the preferences… or somwhere else. sorry don’t remember. abt. the volume… this should be simply maths, right? you surely can do that via a script. once you have the volume (which depends on the geometry) you can easily “define” the mass, by multiplying with the densitiy (on which YOU will have to decide).

Mesh data holds vertices edges and faces, thus it is not even gauranteed there is a valid definition of inside. Ever tried to calculate the volume of a moebius-strip ?
So best you could hope for is the volume of the convex hull of the mesh which could easily multiplied with a uniform density to obtain the mass … but still. A CAD application would be what you’re looking for …


problem solved (but needs some more work):