Calculate the Radius of a Plane

Anyone know how to calculate the radius of a plane?
I Googled it, but could not find an answer.

Rectangles don’t have radii, what are you talking about…

Somebody better tell Blender !

And how the heck did this get moved to ‘Python Support?’

good find :smiley:

Looks like it’s mislabeled, should probably be called “Scale”

That’s just a symbolic name they used which represents the radius of a circle inside a square:

A rectangle can’t have a radius because if you draw a line from the center you’re going to get different lengths depending on which part of the rectangle they intersect. If you want to know the length of a diagonal, you’ll have to think of it as the hypotenuse of a right-triangle and figure out the length using its legs. Since you know both of those lengths you use c=√(a²+b²)

All I really wanted was for someone to take the bait. :wink:
So… Thanks!

I feel like a tool now :stuck_out_tongue: