Caldiro (Automobile)


Here is a model of a car I have been working on. I revisited the model for doing a reel. So, I fixed some errors. The original thread is at



Sorry about the long delay. I was a little sidestepped with life but here are some updates.

I went back to the model and fixed a few things, redid the interior, rigged it better, added a 4 point seat harness, changed the lights some, add a gas gasket, fixed rear tail pipes, change wings lights, fixed wheels, fixed some together, add speakers, fixed doors and more.

Still not the prettiest car but considering my second car attempt not bad.


The last part.

I am making the model available to anyone who can animate it, as long as I am created to the model. My system GPU is not fast enougth to render it the way I want to. Kinda limited to render it.

The windows could be changed to black and all the insides removed which should dramatically reduce render time.


Something feels off in the first few renders… the car looks plastic-y.
I like the interior render the best (2nd to last one) though its a bit too dark.

I tweaked the car material a little.