Caledonia In January

I decided I liked the way this turned out and didn’t want to add too much. I thought it gave the impression of a cold, quite morning. Please suggest anything that you think might be improved, it can only help for the next one.

Hey Storrboy, I like what you’ve done here and the atmosphere of your image. As for crits I’d say the bridge itself could
use more attention to texturing, the bridge texture not matching the detail of the bridge supports. There is something
about the bridge lights that look flat, not illuminating. This is just me but I would love to see a point of interest, maybe a
person or couple on the bridge looking out over the river with a slight hint of their breath in the cold air, but like I said
that’s just me :slight_smile:

Hi and thanks for the thoughts.

I’m going to look more at the lights again. For some reason I just could figure them out. If I went any brighter, they didn’t look real either. As for the bridge texture I see what you mean. In reality the deck and arches are completely different material, and the deck has lots of patching on it. It’s like a stone dappled concrete that doesn’t show well at a distance. Here’s an example from the other direction.

Putting it in shadow doesn’t help, but at a certain point I liked the way lights and darks worked together. I’m sure there’s something I could have done to make it stand out more, and I’ll add it to my learning list. I want to try something different next, but I did have plans to do something with the bridge that had a focus. It will require that extra texturing and some other things that I need more practice with first.

Take it easy.