Calibrate monitor

I’ve been wondering where a good program/site to calibrate my monitor?

Best way to calibrate a monitor is to use a hardware calibrator. A bit pricey, but I do some stock photography and it’s essential for that. I use the Spyder2Express and am very happy with that.

This page has some pretty detailed info that i used to calibrate my monitor
(it’s past the fold)

Also Adobe Gamma (you’ll have it installed if Photoshop is installed) is a pretty decent solution for color calibrating, and my Nvidia driver has a calibrator that appears to be just as good. But yes, the Spyder is the best way to go because the ICC profiles that come out of Adobe Gamma have banding, and when I used the Spyder at work there was no banding.

I use the Pantone Huey. It’s very nice for what I do and doesn’t cost too much. (All relative of course, but still. :P)

I have the Spyder at work and the Huey at home. And Frankly, for the price difference, I don’t hesitate to recommend the Huey.