Calibre fight sequence

Well I’ve finally managed to finish my live action short film after a year of post production hell. Did up the title sequence and visual effects in blender so had to thank the blender foundation in the credits. Some violence enc ha!!



And you can check out the trailer too on vimeo cheers

A link would be handy.

Edit: Or are you saying you only used Blender to make the poster? Because if so… talk about the wrong tools for the job :confused:


cheers redbyte!! Enclosed on the first post

Come on I know there’s an audience out there

Looks pretty good really.

However, the audio / video sync issues really took away from the scene.

Which bits were made with Blender? The window breaking? If so then it was well done. The trailer as a whole is very well put together, congrats.

Oh is there sync issues?? Sorry about that - will have to check that out. None of the sequence has vfx. But I have used Blender to do up the opening title sequence and vfx throughout the film ie a flying dart, bullet impacts etc but cheers for the comments. Screening the premier next yay