Caligari TrueSpace being killed after 25 years of 3d?

Question mark because there are not enough details yet about what exactly they’re going to do with the program itself:

Definitely sad news for truespace users:

Dear Caligari customer,

You may have heard that Microsoft Corporation, reacting to difficult business conditions, has been evaluating many of the products it produces and making the difficult decision to reduce investment in certain areas.

It is with regret that I have to tell you that trueSpace is one of the products affected. As a consequence, you will see reduction or elimination of services offered for trueSpace. For example, there will be no phone or email support offered for trueSpace by Microsoft, and our web site may also be affected. While the dates are not absolutely fixed, some services and contacts may come to an end as early as Friday May 22nd 2009, while others will continue as long as possible with no firm cutoff date available yet.

But I don’t see how this is blender news. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hardly surprising. To be perfectly honest Truespace was my second great “3D” program when it was offered for free some a decade ago. This was a an older version in response to “bones” available in a later version when the price of this wonderful package was still beyond my reach. As for my first “3D” program, does a dos based system count where you could translate a cube into any view point (after a pause that way just barely noted ?).
I am just too loyal and familiar with blender now to make a switch to truespace. Just as there are many inner short tweaks to blender I would not trade for anything, I am sure that truespace also has these wonderful features.
Truespace has a great future, with all the wonderful support, and community, truespace will never wither.

They could try to achieve what the Blender community did, buy the source code and make it open source.

People suspected Microsoft buying Caligari would not be a good thing, I guess they were right.

You don’t want tS to be open source. It’s a piece of shit, and best put in the ground.

Blender, while great, wasn’t all that pretty when it was first open sourced either. Just look at what the community and a strong leader has doe for the app. SO while trueSpace may not be great now, I’m sure if the open source community were to get their hands on it, they could make the app into somethig wonderful. It doesn;t always happen that way though, it really depends on who is leading the project and what goals they have in mind, but it could still be positive thing if that were to happen. I think Blender needs some friendly competition. :yes:

Good job. some months ago there were posts on blenderartist about how people may use a free truespace rather then blender.
With indigo and kerkythea (thea) going commercial and ts being dropped, (as if GMax wasnt enough)…
I hope users are realizing the advantage of opensource over freeware.

aside from that its a real shame for the truespace users but since MS was mainly going to use this as a sketchup competitor, the users might not have had much to look forward to.

Re: Blender needing competition, agree - would be nice if K3D or Moonlight where more competitive.

PS - highly doubt MS would opensource TS, there more likely to hang on to any intellectual property caligari had.

that’s refreshing to hear someone in your position say - Although I’d have to qualify the sentiment by saying that Blender is already pretty darn competitive with everything else that exists. Just by being such high quality. Sure you’ll hear those who went to schools that only had Max and Maya or whose big brother taught him that blender sux talk bad about blender but otherwise I feel it’s clear as day that blender’s quality is AAA in every sense.

I thought this news would be of interest here for several reasons:

  1. The historical aspect of it. This software has been around for a LOOONG time. A lot of people here might have used it at one time or another.

  2. I wondered what the possibility would be of the TS users doing the same that Blender users did for Blender, i.e. buying and open-sourcing it. Possible more open-source competition for blender like ideasman mentioned.

  3. If 2 doesn’t pan out, there may be a lot of potential new converts to Blender. This thread on their forum took a while to mention Blender, but they have finally come around to it:

I have fond memories of TrueSpace. It was one of the first 3D programs I used. It was both sizeable (in a way which say, Wings3D would fail) and one I learned a lot from. Back then, I got a full [not quite the latest] version from a magazine cover disk complete with tutorials and listings of what new features the next version up would offer. I made MechWarrior scenes with moody lighting, played with the physics engine and was happy. Right from when it was early, TrueSpace had its own GLSL type shader for the normal 3D view… you needed a fairly good card to use it.
I looked at a recent version not so long ago. It was a disappointment as the program had so much in the way of “clip art” type extras it had become very bloated and, to me, fairly difficult to just extrude model from a box. They had somehow lost the sense of the principle basics of 3D gui.

So… I’m not surprised that TrueSpace are going under. I think it is a pity though, I had fun with their package in earlier days.

Thanks for the heads up.

I guess we could expect a wave of truespace users to come to Blender now, similar to when XSI was bought out by autodesk. There more than welcome. :cool:

Sad to see something which had been running for so long get dropped tho, there would be a lot of unhappy users.

TrueSpace was the first 3D software I used way back in 1996! I got trueSpace 3 free on a cover disc!

Its sad news indeed.

I have fond memories for trueSpace. It’s because of it that I got into 3D.

I purchased trueSpace 1.0 and then got my company to purchase 3.0 for a bunch of us. We’re CHEMISTS…not artists. But management saw the cool diagrams and illustrations I was making for our documentation that they bought it for us.

tS 3.0 was the first software that I used to make 3D stuff for commercial purposes (all the 3D stuff on I look at it now and it’s horrible with all kinds of Jpeg compression artifacts. Oh well, it was my first paid web/3d job.

There was something really cool about Blender though. I tried it at version 1.8 and remember being excited at version 2.0! No C-Key! I’ve never used trueSpace since.

And now…Blender is just awesome.

I don’t think people would band together to buy the truespace sourcecode. Why start a truespace foundation from scratch when there is a Blender one that has a good few years head start?

It’s evident to me that microsoft only bought caligari for the 3d interface patents (or patent potential) so they’d have a clear run at Windows 7, 8, 9 and beyond.

And to have competition to Google Maps with their Sketch Up integration.

kerkythea (thea) going commercial

Ouch… I didn’t see this coming.
The free beer party is over

MS getting rid of a graphic soft !

MS never had any good graphic in their soft 2D or 3D

it’s almost unbelievable to see them get out of this which is their biggest weekness compared to other like Mac ect…

it’s been almost 30 years and MS cannot do any good graphic 2D or 3D in their soft
its’ almost like they don’t care about it or their costumers!

but this leaves Blender as the king of graphic & modelisation

and i hope that Blender and yafaray dont not go commercail anytime soon after 2.5

i’d like to ear what ton has to say about that!

Happy blendering

Hi guys, I don’t post much here, but I come from time to time to try to learn Blender and see some great artwork.

I have been using TrueSpace for some time for simple things becouse I’m not a good modeler, but as Shenan said the historical aspect of it. One of the Pioneers of 3D graphics. A good comunity of devoted users, people who like to create fanasy worlds. Some will be using it for some time, some will move to diferent aplications.

Its not good news to know any company that dies anywhere, I think 3D fans are the most open minded people to experiment with diferent aplications, plug ins, converters, etc, so although some are not affected directly It is still a sad news.

So Farewell TrueSpace.
Image courtesy of Paul Woodward.

P.S. It took me over a year to learn how to extrude some faces in Blender :smiley: Now that I did that maybe I’ll be arround in the Basics section of the forum. Cheers.

P.S. 2 Kerkythea is not going commercial, It will remain free, with support and updates and a comunity there. It has a Big brother, on the contrary the one that can support the little brother. :wink:

I hope users are realizing the advantage of opensource over freeware.
I did (have many purchased during years). And using blender as only tool (or 80%) for my projects since some time. And I was quite a commercial tools supporter. I think they are great. Just they dissapear too easily. Freeware goes a similar route, but funnily enough, has longer life than commercial ones… IE: I think Anim8or and Metasequoia LE are very nice, specially Meta.

No, versions before 7 were. It became very powerful, and had good underlying code at version 7…with version 8 I feel it would have been production ready(it already is, just not up to “public” expectations)…but I saw it coming and as blender was getting better and better I knew I needed to jump on board…
all things being said I will always miss tS.