Call for animators

We are making a 3-4 minute animated short film about a robot who longs for freedom. This production is in the early stages of pre production. Mostly done with concept art, soon to start storyboarding.

The budget for this film is very low, and unfortunately I can’t offer payment, though if your work is good, and you’re local, I might consider gas compensation.

So far for the crew we have as follows:

1x music composer
1x animators
1x artist
1x model/texturer
1x lighting/rendering guy
1x director/writer/animator/artist/modeler/texturer <me :smiley:

For a total of six people.

I’m hoping to be done with most pre production by September, so hopefully start all out production mid September. If you want to see concept art or hear more about the story email me or Skype me.

I live in Greenville Texas (east of Dallas). If you are local and are interested in helping out great! But if you want to help out over the internet that is good too, we will be using Skype for online communication for the project. My Skype ID is: coryalantaylor

Shoot me an email or reply to this post if your interested in helping or want to know more about the story. My email is: [email protected]

Post concept art please? I don’t know about most other people, but that is a lot of what gets me interested in some new project. And also, are you looking for just animators, and if so, how many?

Ok, here is a test animation of one of the characters, and some concept art, and an early scene render test. edit adding images didn’t work right :frowning: so here is a link to them, I posted them on an old blog, also here is an early animatic with some score to it (both will change.

As you can see his eye changes color depending on his emotion. The story is that this robot is built to be portable but he has lost his battery, he can’t unplug himself to reach the battery, so he trys several ways to get it.

Also, I am looking for primarily animators and close to around 5 would be good. But any help is welcome. And local is better, but I will have a group Skype chat going for the project and if you think you have something to give then I can add you and you can help through Skype.

Nice Animations.

I haven’t seen the two videos due to slow internet. But I rather liked the concept art for the robot. The render on the blogspot seemed to be kinda dark.

Yes the render was kind of dark. We tried this project a while back for a 36 hour contest and failed. 36 hours was not enough for so much work, not to mention Blender crashed. We had a bunch of 5k textures all over the main character. Also the main character was designed poorly so I’m redesigning it.

Anyway all in all I’ve had the idea for a while, (over two years). And I’m determined to bring this idea to life.

Anybody helping out really needs to have Skype though it would make coordination a lot easier.

I just saw the video - it’s quite neat. As you helped me out some time ago with a “sneaker” - I can chip in a few here and there with the animation if you need, and your project is quite feasible. Bear in mind - I don’t have much animation experience . . . so I will need a precise requirement list, and the rest I can figure out from tutorials and such.
And as for skype . . . phone calls on landline to the States is quite cheap…
I can probably contribute 6 hours max per week . . . being married and all you know . . . so I have lost a lot of respect from my fellow (former ??) computer nerds and geeks.

Why, you marry a dude or something?

Actually I was thinking Skype for the use of group chats, and easy file transfer.

No worries. I’ll sift through your site and learn what I can - it may take a few Sundays … . .

Out of all the members on this forum, nobody lives in north east Texas?

Not me for sure . . . but I suppose I ought to set your email in the motion …

I’ll PM you my email …

Reminds me of the shortFilm ‘Reach’

Ok, guys. Here is the link to the official Amp group chat on Skype:

Feel free to join just to follow the project, but any help would be great too.