call for arms

Hi everybody
I have the option to submit a “filler” (few minute of animation between T.V. shows) to tech T.V. - Israel (a national, exposed channel) also there is the option (if it will be good enough, and of course it will be) to make this filler into a series of fillers.
For now there is no money involved, but only exposed (to PPL that’s like technology) stage, with the opportunity, to submit it into world wide tech T.V. (then money get involved I guess).
The thing that really attracts me to make this is the big opportunity to expose blender.
I talked with the guy that in charge of the fillers, he got really excited when I told him about blender as software, community and concept and offer also to check the option to put blender in a “how things work” kind of show that he is working on.
Any way my idea is to make educational filler, the concept will of a virtual teacher living inside a computer, and trough this character, explain aspects and concept of technology.
Now I post this, because I would like to find another one or two PPL to help me, in different subject concerning the production of something like this, especially with modeling of objects and environment creation.
There is a lot more about this to discuss, I only sure about the concept of the filler and have some idea about what the main character and the environment will look like, also I know that a big part of the production will be syncing (hope using magpie and the automated sync plugin that was created for blender), also I know that for submitting this into Tech T.V. international I will need to do it in English (I plan do a “pilot” in Hebrew, and if its work with the plugin, its shouldn’t be a problem to do it in any outer language).

I know this post is a bit long, and not say to much about the filler concept itself, but I really think something like that can expose blender to many PPL, and to really important “body” that use to expose technologies.

I plan to start concept art in a week or two

So if someone is interested in contribute his arms (and 10 fingers),or his mind into this project , please contact me or post a comment.

Thanks for the attention

Eyal Cagan AKA E-tek :smiley:
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cree: Do you work at tech|tv?

Thanks for the advice, and no, sorry I don’t work at Tech TV.

Hi guys,
I will explain again, the deal goes like this:
Here In tech T.V. (the Local branch of international Tech T.V.) there is a program, ¡§Israeli digital¡¨, that is an open stage for PPL to submit there creation, any way most of the stuff there is ¡Klet say not so quality, not by content, and not by level of animation / production, Now I talked with the guy that running this program, he like the idea that I described in my first post, also he says its look like its have a potential , and he can use his connection to International Tech T.V. help submitting it there¡KAlso He like the idea of blender (as freeware& the idea of running project trough the community)¡K
I uses blender for 4-5 years now, today I use it commercial (as a multimedia developer in a software company) and give my boss quiet ¡§stunning¡§ presentations for his products without he need to pay for 3d software, any way I thought that it¡¦s about the time to pay back ¡§blender¡¨ ,and this can be a good opportunity to expose blender to Israeli audience, and business / production industry , I believe its can become a very Popular tool, over here, mainly because its freeware, and because the industry in here isn¡¦t so rich ,and they would like to use such a great freeware. Else we can get some more users (over here), If its good enough and goes international, I don¡¦t need to say any more right ƒº



Hey E-tek!

The idea you are presenting sounds very interesting, is there a website where it is possible to view such content created in a artistic way? and is there a website for tech t.v. both international (for each country) and for world in general?

what kind of art are you looking for? any special kind?

if you like to take quick peek on some few of my portfolio you can view it by clicking on the “www” button down to the right of this post. the splashimage at the frontpage (first welcomepage) is my current WIP work (work in progress) and in the gallery I have only put up 3 renders so far, just because my site is undergoing a overhauled remake :wink: , but more will come :D!

thanks for this oppertunity!

/.Z :Z

dear ztonzy
this is not an idea , its a fact that tech T.V. (Loacl) give away open stage to ppl creating independent content, my idea is to take this stage and use it to expose blender in here, the rest is written in the last post I posted.

tech t.v. web site is http:
Local Tech t.v. branch only have asub web site in hebrew, if by any case you want to read it, its in

about kind of art Im looking for:
I look for doing this in full 3d, use as much in blenderas I can, I consider my self as a good modeler for charecters and organic stuff and a medium level animator.
Im writing some design doc to describe better this project, I want to run, then I will be more sure what Im looking for…but Im sure every body willfind there place if there want to…




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but it feels like visiting an alien site that Israeli tech tv site :smiley:

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Hi guys,
Hopefully today or tomorrow afternoon, I will finish writing some stuff, which includes:
Synopsis - to describe my general idea for this filler
Design doc - to give some direction to the way I thought thing should look artistically
Grocery list- to try and think what this project should include

Please if you talk to me or thinking about participated in this project and you didn’t get any thing like that in your Email by Sunday afternoon (or let say 72 hours from the time this post was publish-I’m not really strong in time zonesƒº), please post me a PM with your Email Address, else I will try to put a download somewhere and publish the URL

Eyal, AKA E-tek

hehe ! couldn’t belive my eyes - when i saw the world israel+blender user+5 years ! i always thought i was the must veteran blender user in this province. anywasys, i think it will be much easier to communicate in mother tounge, so i’ll send you a PM with my detailes - my name is koby flichtman and i am too a 4-5 years blender user from haifa and i am too doing commercial work for some time now using this nifty piece of software. i guesse our skills are at the same level then then maybe cooporation is possible ? anyway i’ll be glad to help as far as i can, for making blender more famus (and for personal gain offcource).

achi, tarim telefon, ze nishma li magniv lifgosh od mishtamesh shel blender bli keshel laproyect !