Call for Artists

My family and I have just started a site for both traditional and digital artists. We are looking for people to submit links for their Demo Reels and Portfolios.

Also we are looking for more artists to interview for our site.

We are big supporters of all open source software.

Here is the URL:

Thanks for your time! :smiley:

id actually submit my portfolio, in the process of re-writing and updating it as we speak

I am hoping to make it a resource for both traditional and digital artists.

I just added a 3d model for free download to registered users.
( look for the FREE STUFF section after you register )

This little guy served us well and his anatomy is pretty cool. He was made in zbrush V2.0

I hope to have some Maya/XSI videos up in a couple of days.

I used to teach these at Academy of Art. But now I am learning Blender quick. I hope to transfer my skills to Blender and start cranking out videos for it.

interesting…! :yes:

I just got the first video up. Its for Maya. Next will be 4 XSI videos. Then last but not least will be Blender and Zbrush videos.

Also here is a better screen shot of the free model. Note: Got to register to download.