Call for audiovisual free works

Winter comes and, as has been happening for nine years, so does the call for audiovisual works from La Muestra de Cine de Lavapiés.
Since many issues ago we have been triying to break the usual dynamics of leisure consumption, bringing the films to the streets and to the spaces where culture develops during the rest of the year.
Many times the neighbors have supported and enjoyed this horizontal way of understanding culture, where nobody pays and nobody is paid, where debate take place and where you may have to carry chairs because there are not enough hands.

Call for audiovisual free works
As in previous editions, we send a call for all types of audiovisual works. But this year we have taken one more step and have changed the bases, with an idea in mind, the best way to publicize your work, make it accessible to everyone.

So this year we will not ask you to send us a DVD, we just need to see (or download) online. This brings us to the following requirement; the work must have some sort of free license. What, in short, means allowing (at least) to copy, distribute and transmit your work and its telematic dissemination long as … anyway it’s a long story, so please read this. We have also prepared a list of frequent asked questions whith which we will solve any of these questions, and any more yuo bring up.