Call for Blender artists for this Short film project

Hi, This is a real short film project on which production has already started. If you are a beginner/Intermediate/advance Blender artist and really good with blender, and want to increase your portfolio, then please read on and if interested contact me:


Talent needed:

Blender artist
3D modeller, Animator, vfx, and compositor

Ideas for video:

With an average of 700 million tons of trash annually being dumped in the western world, what would happen in 100 years time?

Basic storyline:

Hope tells the story of an orphan girl trying to make a difference in an heavily polluted earth.

Current status :

Have a script, production started

Skills/Resources needed:

Needed x1 3D modeller/animator, x1 vfx/compositor. All shooting will be done in Indonesia on green screen. All background and animation will be done with the 3D and compositing software Blender 3D (for an effect like the movie 300), however I will accept artist with other software skills such as 3DS Max, XSI, Maya, Cinema 4D, Lightwave etc, but priority is given to Blender artist…Now for the 2 position, I welcome beginners/Student, that wish to increase their demo reel and portfolio, as well as experienced artists.

Experience needed:

No experience needed in the film industry, however very good knowledge and experience of Blender 3D is a must.


Unfortunately there is NO compensation/salary for this short film as I am making this on a very limited budget ($500). All the main production will be done from Jakarta Indonesia. However all production crew will be well credited and automatically enrolled for the paid feature film. This short film is produce to get funding for another project, which hopefully will start end 2013.

Additional information:

As I said, all crew and artist will be well credited and have a guarantied place for the feature production after funding has been obtain, And a copy of the short film for your portfolio. Although I speak french fluently English is the base language for the production so a fluency in English is extremely important.

Should you be interested in this project please contact us with a link to your past and present work to [email protected].