Call for Blender Community Unity!

Project Mega-Archive!

Months ago, I had posted that I was going to write a tutorial on setting a possible free networking solution for a Blender movie pipeline and how to use Blender’s data organization tools. Well, I worked on the tutorial, but never had the opportunity to finish it. A little while ago, I came up with an interesting idea that may profoundly benefit the Blender community and give an incredibly useful asset to starting and experienced Blender users.

Coming up on now more than 4 years of 3d modeling and 1 and a half of using Blender, I have come upon some of the best Blender tutorials and books written covering a plethora of topics that have aided me greatly (which many have been bookmarked on Firefox). And many Blender Artists discussions such as how to do difficult things like animating a page turning in a book with shape keys have been useful but not always easy to find. Plus many hobbyists or non-professional Blender users would probably wish to be able to set up easy online pipelines to create fantastic Blender movies.

Hence my idea…

I came up with a skeletal outline of Mega-Archive of Blender tutorials (well, mostly a category organizing list), that covered from basic interface tutorials and discussions all the way through applications of the principles of animation and the game engine all the way to python scripting/coding and possible production pipeline. This would be a webpage/archive linking every tutorial that covers every important Blender topic. This could possibly be a link in the new Blender 2.5’s help menu, giving new Blender users the free ultimate easy access resource to mastering Blender. It would reference pages to download free Blender models and rigs (Ludwig, Mancandy), and even direct new users interested in finding certain Blender books that would help them immensely if they were interested (Tony Mullen’s Character Animation books, Blender Essential, etc.). Plus, this would serve as the perfect medium to give Blender tutorial writers a focus on what to write on (what obscure topics that current tutorials and discussions have not covered). ADDITIONALLY, it could give links to important python script repositories, including the excellent Python Script tool kits. Now, things like particle painting mode and advanced rigging would be available to new Blender users. Plus we could reference and explain important networking resources we all have experience using (Freshbrain, Dropbox, MediaFire)–this is where I could put my networking tutorial.

First, a great interest in the Blender community would be needed to make this project a success. Second, has anything like this been done before (on this scale)?

I can help with html coding if needed, but web programmers would be necessary and lots of Blender users would be needed to provide links.

Post your interest and ideas and questions, let’s make Blender history and the greatest of all contributions to organize and collect the wealth of Blender knowledge. Let’s all contribute to the new Blender. We need to organize this project (I’ll post the skeletal outline if anyone’s interested)…

Would this not best be managed as part of the wiki. There are many tutorials listed there by category. This is a great source of basic help but either new users don’t know about it or care to use it. One of the many problems with tutorials is them being outdated. The classic “where is the subsurf button gone”. These would have to be maintained and updated for them to be usefull. When 2.5 comes out, the existing tutorials will bare little resemblance to the new layout.


well look at blendenation

they are already trying to do somethng like bi lib or list for for tut and paper models ect…

may be you should check there and give them some suggestions!

happy blendering

A list of tutorials would benefit by allowing users to rate them and also an upfront indication of what version of Blender they use.

well, actually, I did not know Blender Nation did that. That is a definitely a collection of tutorials. I guess the idea came out of seeing some of the more obscure questions on BA (like animating a turning page or a question I answered a while back on using action scripting). I thought that coming up with an Blender community designed web archive that contained links to as many Blender tutorials (written and video) as possible organized under categories pertaining to Blender’s various uses would be incredibly useful to particularly beginners in Blender and Python. Plus, I had thought that it should link all the Python script repositories, free cg textures, and free 3d models available out there. A primary use of this site would be to direct Blender users to important BA threads that have already covered important threads on specific topics in Blender.

But if the Blender interface is changing that radically, wow, then perhaps all the tutorials already written are obselete! I had already written a post about what will happen to those Blender users who have worked and finally mastered the current Blender’s interface and how things are done/work…one of my responses was that some won’t even upgrade to the new 2.5 version. So perhaps there may be a split in the community?

I’m sure some tutorials will still be useful/pertain to the new Blender…just not all. Otherwise, then Blender is becoming an entirely different program???