Call for Blenderart Magazine Proofers (Closed)

Thank you for all your responses, we now have enough proofers to continue to provide the quality level we are aiming for. If you have applied and havent yet heard from me, be patient I will get to you, I promise.

It’s that time again to call for proofers for Blenderart Magazine. In addition to a few of our current proofers having other time constraints and no longer being able to help us, the magazine has also grown. We publish a larger number of in depth articles that require more proofing time. More proofers would ease the work load on our proofers.

We need 6 dedicated proofers or 12 semi dedicated proofers. :smiley:

Time commitment level needed:

About 1-1 ½ weeks for each issue. Issues are released every two months. So time requirements are not overly huge.

Our proofing protocol:

  • We require at least 3 proofs for each article, you may proof as many articles as you want or have time for.
  • We look for[LIST]
  • spelling
  • grammar (we correct grammar to improve readability while doing our best to maintain writer’s presentation style/voice)
  • technical correctness of information provided [/LIST]If this is something you might be interested in, contact me at
    [email protected]

and I will send you a pdf containing our proofing guidelines and add you to our list.