Call for C.V. to create a team for 'Babioles' (bawbles) , a french TV show

Hi there,
As some of you might have read on blendernation previously, we’re trying to make a team of blenderartists here in Paris, France for the pilot of a new TVShow called ‘Babioles’ (Bawbles).
You can see the trailer here and some of my works on my vimeo page or on my website.
We’re willing to work with professionnals or people with a lot of experience in 3D and especially with Blender because we want to work only with it !
So if you can reply to this with links to your portfolios, or website, or showreel, we’ll be happy to contact you !
We searching for an animator, a modeler and a renderer, which can be able to lead a small team.
Thanks for your answers, and we’re hopping to make you laugh with this show ! :smiley:

Really nice stuffs on your website Matray!
If you want to take a look on my website, and chat with me… My mail adresse is there.

Hi Matray,

Here are some of my animations :

and please check my other works in my signature.

If you find my artwork appealing, I’d be interested in knowing more of your project.
You can PM me if you want to talk about it.

Thanks for reading.

You have very good works in your portfolio Matray.
Do you have more details on your TVshow or is it a bit confidential for the moment?

Hello, not sure if this call is over. I am still finishing the reel, but by now, my website is here:
with 3d in subsection:

and here is my showreel on vimeo:
BUT I just wanna say there are missing many animations I did for UPP, Prague, for some bigger movies, and some other projects.