Call for Content Blenderart #14

It’s time again to start thinking about articles, tutorials and images for Issue # 14 of Blenderart Magazine.

In this issue we are focusing on ‘Cartoon Modeling and Game Engine.

We are looking for tutorials, “making of” articles, and projects of interest that focus on either Cartoon Modeling or the Game Engine.

So gather up your:
Adorable/odd characters
Scenes in realistic or Toon shading
Any game you are working on creating
Low poly models
Game Levels
How to’s on game AI/game play

Also wanted, great shaders, materials and node setups for great looking Toon/Game materials and effects.

  • ArticlesSend in your articles to <i>sandra</i>
    Subject: “Article submission Issue # 14 [your article name]”
  • Author guidelines are available here.
  • Use of ‘blenderart theme’ for blender is recommended for Screen-Shots.
  • Gallery ImagesAs usual you can also submit your best renders based on the theme of the issue. As the theme of this issue is Cartoon/Game Engine Modeling, round up your best Toon/Game renders for submission. Please note if the entry does not match with the theme it will not be published.

Send in your entries for gallery to <i>gaurav</i>
Subject: “Gallery submission Issue # 14”

Note: Image size should be of 1024x (width) at max.
Last date of submissions January 5, 2008.

Good luck!
Blenderart Team

Hey, why wasn’t I told about this? What’s a Blenderart Magazine? What happens when you take both the red and blue pill at the same time?
I’m kinda busy, but this sounds interesting. I’ll see… maybe… who needs Christmas anyway. Hmmmmm… what?

LOL, Sago, you goof, I expect at least an image from you. I’m sure you can sleep after Project Peach is finished. :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s wold be nice to hawe a articel about how to create a manga/anime figure in blender.

There was one in the character modeling issue. I want to submit something but I
don’t have much that fits that category.

ok thanks for the tip. did miss that. hope to get moor on that anyway.

I would love to give article submissions on anime modeling. If any of you know of a good anime artist, let me know. i will contact him or her and request an article from them.

I know one blender artist “called” zeroshift.
He has a good anime portfolio and he is one of the moderators of the blender-pt forum(everything is in portuguese)
Unfortunaly this is the only info that I have about him.

I’ll see if I can’t track him down.

Hi again!
Just remembered of another Anime Blender Artist, he made this imagethat is in this pageof the blender galery… Although I know that he is always very busy :expressionless:

Cool enough, I have gotten some other suggestions as well. I will be contacting them all to see who is willing to share their genius.

How often does the magazine come out?

Blenderart Magazine comes out every two months. Next issue will release within a few weeks.

Thank you, that’s what I thought, but I never payed attention. smile.