Call for Content: Blenderart Mag #6 - Sep 06

It’s time again to start thinking about articles, tutorials and images for Issue#6 of Blenderart Magazine.

In this issue we are focusing on ‘Blender in Architecture’ and ‘Blender Game Engine’ .

You can write about your own Game made in Blender Game engine, or how do you use Blender for Architecture and Visualization. The article can be on any thing like tips and tricks for ‘Architecture rendering’, ‘creating a Game in Blender’ or any aspect of the Blender Game engine like using the Bullet Physics model etc.

  • ArticlesSend in your articles to sandra
    Subject: “Article submission Issue # 6 [your article name]”
  • Author guidelines are available here.
  • Use of ‘blenderart theme’ for blender is recommended for Screen-Shots.
  • Gallery ImagesAs usual you can also submit your best renders based on the theme of the issue. Please note if the entry does not matches with the theme it will not be published.

Send in your entries for gallery to gaurav
Subject: “Gallery submission Issue # 6”

Note: Image size should be of 1024x (width) at max.
Last date of submissions August 31 2006.

Good luck!
Blenderart Team

Made this a sticky for you gaurav.


Thanks Derek. :slight_smile:

Derek? Your name is Derek?
I think the snot just blew through my ears when I wanted to keep myself from laughing :slight_smile:

Where do you think the “D” comes from in my nick. :smiley:


From near Toronto, eh!

If some one experienced with Blender Game engine wants to write an article then please contact me.

Basically I want an introduction of it in the magazine. We can discuss it further if some one is interested.

Mail me back at the mail given in the top most post.


Ahh, good, architecture, just when I finished up this, I think I might either write an article, or rather a number of tips and tricks for archi-viz.

Waiting eagerly for the next issue as usual. Hopefully I’ve got time to contribute back in another issue.

And the M, Mr. Marsh. We know where you live too, hehehehe…

That would be great Zsolt :D.

I might be making a few days intership in an archetectural design office but nothing is planned yet. If I do I might be able to use what I learned to write another article. I’ll send you a PM Gaurav if I’m writting something.

Oh and thanks for the #5Issue. It’s awesome and you made a great setup for my article too so thanks again.

Hey Edeehem, mail me or Sandra directly.


Ohhh… I’m so into this issue !!

This is only a suggestion, that for each issue in the mag, maybe have a regular column that shows people new to blender how to model simple everyday objects.

Even though I have been playing around with blender for about six months now, im still getting the hang of the tools (just wish I could spend the time that I want to using it), but every now and then I find my self lacking in knowledge/experience on how to do jsut some simple objects.

I really liked the tutorial on the papero robot, but being unable to find a matching reference image made it hard to follow. I tried using the image i found through google but it just didnt end up looking right at all.


Just downloaded #6. Very nice edition. The image of the cathedral really evokes a sense of being there don’t you think? Very pleasant.

Also the tip on the inside front cover regarding the generation of a plane with holes is most helpful. Never thought of that and now it’s a permanent technique. Thanks! Just a thought though, the instructions say add a “plane” and then add the hole outlines. That doesn’t really work. Shouldn’t be a filled plane to begin otherwise the fill operation won’t work. If you need a square then a good method is to add a 4 point circle. Again though, the idea is gold.

Shouldn’t this be unstickied?