Call For Content - New Community Journal

With the recent launch of the new Blender Artist site, I have taken on the task of bringing back the Community Journal. More information about this will be released shortly, so please don’t post asking “what is the CJ?”, etc. You will find out in due time. :wink:

This is a call for content for the initial gallery section of the new CJ!

Q: What can you submit?

A: We are looking for images, animations and games.

Q: How do I submit content?

A:Images can be sent directly to the following email - ba.communityjournal (at)

Please send links to animations and games so we can download them ourselves directly. We don’t want to plug up our email with large anims and game files. Thanks.

We are also looking for people interested in writing tutorials on specific areas of Blender. If you are interested in this, please also send an email to the link above with your tutorial topic and a general plan as to what you will inlcude, etc. and we will get back to you.

Thanks for your interest and I look forward to seeing some great stuff!


Finally, they’re bringing this back to life!

Umm. Recent launch? Did I miss the announcement? :-? Anyway, kewl :slight_smile:

that’s great news, dude!
i loved the CJ back in the days… even had some contributions in the gallery section. remember my burning heart? guess not… well… sweet memories :wink:

i am looking forward to the first release… gonna see what i can do to help.


I know you said not to ask, and I’m not exactly asking “What is the CJ?” but I was just wondering (since the old Community Journal was before my time) if you need to subscribe to it or if it’ll be obviously posted at


LGM: It will be posted at Blenderartists site in the next 1-2 weeks. Depends on when the first tute gets done. I am shooting to have it up before Nov. 12, as I will be on vacation for a week from then.

And it is free for all to view, etc. That was the whole idea behind the original ones.


Oh, I knew it would be free for all, I was just wondering about the format, if it would be an email or part of the website. Thanks.


The CJ is almost ready and should be up in the next week or so.

Thanks to all that submitted artwork and offered support for writing tutorials. I will be in touch with those that offered tutorials for the next CJ’s.

Thanks again and keep your eeys open for the CJ.


keeps my what open? :o j/k. Good to see the CJ finally coming back…again… Really reminds me of the good old days when blender was my life. Hope its going to be a good one.


yeaaaaH! it’s back!
Just a refresh design and it will be excellent! (grr again a design topic)

By the way:Can you remind me who are the admin of Elysiun now?


Hey guys.

Meltdown: hehe, the design will change a few times over the course of these as changes. So expect a few different looking ones.

As for Admins here, you can see them through the Meberlist link at the top of the page. Just sort for moderators/admins.


go to
there you will find my latest flatware project done with blender.
it was the best piece in the SOFA show in chicago.
in case nobody knows SOFA, it is the most important show for
metal, glass, and ceramic art with the most important galleries in the states.


Nothing to submit at the moment, maybe at the xmas period i will have some time to work on tutorials.

Just wanted to show my support for the Community Journal, thanks for bringing it back.


You are aware of the evils of putfile, right? by uploading, you give them unrestricted rights to the video. It in effect becomes theirs. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ooh great I completely missed this thread… been kinda busy.

I do hope you’ll put some weekend challenge/animation challenge winners in there… they’re always fun and can do with a little “media attention” hehe.

I’ve been considering writing a tutorial for my BRayBaker script… Not right now, but it could be nice if we’d combine my posting of it online with the journal.

Hey… You can put a list of newly released tuts in there anyway… perhaps a list of new python scripts… some stuff on new blender features…hehe who needs a new full time job?