Call For Content - Python Conference 2013

Hi all,

I’ll be attending PyCon Australia 2013 and I’m thinking of submitting a proposal for a talk re: Blender and its integration with Python. Since I’m a C# programmer and only a beginner in Python, the focus of the talk will be more on the progress of Blender, its capabilities followed by how it can be extended with Python scripting. This should enable those with more Python experience to think of ways they can use Blender for their own purposes (data visualisations, interactive presentations, etc).

So what I’m asking of you guys is: what are the highlights and success stories or projects that I could present relating to Python programmers using Blender to achieve their goals?

Proposal submission deadline is April 5.

Thanks for your time and thoughts!

The Python Community literally hates Blender over the “Embedding vs. Extending” thing so I’d expect more than a few hecklers.