CALL for CONTENT (truck)

I’m working on some animations for clients and don’t have a lot of time to model some trucks (like a north american pickup truck) ie Chev, Ford, Dodge half/three quarter ton. Textures aren’t as important as the actual model. End result: one for a work truck (I will remove the box/bed and create flat working deck with toolboxes (for oilfield), the other will be used for towing trailers, boats, etc (boys toys).

A medium to high poly model would be nice. Some basic interior forms, but nothing crazily detailed. (no closeups).

This is a nice challenge to someone with time and desire to learn how to model a vehicle and supply it to the awesome blender community.

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help me out. (and the community).

As a profession who is out of time, I would just visit turbosquid. You can buy a medium res truck model for 20 dollars.

Well, I’m just starting out, and I have no money yet…The truck isn’t necessary, just a really nice feature to go in the animation. I just thought if there was somebody out there who already had one who wanted to share, or, like I said, wanted a quick challenge. Thanks for the suggestion though!

Since this is apparently a commercial venture, your best approach would have been to offer payment when the job was complete. Few people want to submit their hard work for free to a profit-making project (unless the project is of such importance that just being involved would deliver a benefit).

It’s difficult when you’re starting out but your clients should be paying enough to cover such costs as the job can’t be done without content. Even if you’re using models you’ve had for a while, you should charge for using them (like using photos from a stock photo library).

Thanks for your input - I never thought about it that way. The job is not a bid, but hourly project, so I could charge more for the content, just running low on time.