Call for Content: Workspaces

And now that I remember it I’ve sometimes found myself using simple cloth simulation to model something fast. Running the simulation and choosing the appropriate frame from Timeline to then convert it to object/apply modifiers.
So definitely “Default” layout should have a timeline, as it is in 2.79.

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It’s not about the modeling layout, that can stay as it is… Blender just needs a default layout with timeline as before.

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Isn’t the Default layout called General now. It is there just not enabled by default.

I can’t see it…

And by the way, I think it’s time for blender to get rid of the default cube and stuff and start with a blank scene…
See the struggle:

Last tab click on the plus sign , it is there.

Obviously the masses support The Dear Leader’s philosophy on how to develop blender by donating thousands so coming here and getting your panties in a bunch (meaning everyone) won’t change a thing.

My two nickels since we don’t have cents anymore.

Unfortunately it’s not there for me…



This is madness. Ofc the default layout needs to go back.

It is not. Clear your preferences.

You right it’s not , even factory settings gets preferences from the old file.

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The list is reappearing if workspaces are deleted.

Yeah, but the default workspace isn’t there…

Any link to good workspaces for dual monitors setup ?

I’d give it a spin. One way to soften dealing with layout differences would be to duplicate and tweak from your main / default workspace. Try the hotkey switch, adjust the derived workspaces till they’re no longer jarring to switch to, etc.

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What’s the proper current way of saving our own workspaces? I created one just now, saved the workspaces.blend file into my config folder and restarted Blender. New workspace was nowhere to be seen.

The default workspace was not restored yet?
What’s wrong with BF people? :upside_down_face:

Obviously, tools for saving preferences about workspaces are not ready, yet.
Workspaces.blend is not used.
Workspaces list refers to startup.blend file for the moment.

So, to save your own workspaces, they have to be present in startup.blend file.

The change was done 2 days ago. People in charge of UI, waiting for more feedback, they are discussing about bringing back application templates and other design task, changing the icons, looking at active tools…

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Nothing explains the removal of the previous standard layout.

This is a welcome change for me. I’ve already closed tabs on accident multiple times. :stuck_out_tongue:

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^ A wise and logical move for sure. I was waiting for this. :+1:

Who else thinks it should be “Close” instead of delete?

Delete seems too heavy for that.

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