Call for images and videos to be used in release notes

Hi please post links to all images and videos (and their threads - since I’ll need to contact the authors) that it would be good stuff to show off the new features of Blender.

Also if you are aware of tutorial videos for new features post links to them as well.

If you are the author, of the pics or videos we will need permission for their usage. I’ll contact you via email or PM. (Or you can contact me…)

Thanks for your help.


By the way, short demo videos of new features like here : , would be totally great! Would help to make the release really impressive.

Here are two sources of release notes information,



the response has been a bit ‘underwhelming’ :slight_smile:


it’s turkey day silly, some are on line most are not, I am still hoping someone posts a new osx build :stuck_out_tongue:

While your requesting stuff it might be good to request an update to the documentation files that come with released builds. Like that html file is so bare and in need of some styleing and order other than a straight down the page layout

The Son of the Muffin Project animation that we did has pretty extensive use of fluid simulation… plus a little bit of particle interaction (there’s armature animation, too, but, IIRC, we didn’t make a lot of use of new features in that).

here is a render of fluid tests :

Nice! Any demo .blend files or videos of doing it in the blender UI?

Here is the blendfile (with small tutorial) :

I don’t have any video tutorial for this, in fact i don’t know how to do it on linux :frowning:

Here is one of my video :


Heres a character I animated. Its using the new shapes and IPO drivers.
A real basic setup, 2 shapes blended for the mouth and a few for the face and a couple of bones to turn the head and neck.

I dont know if I can post the blend, the the head model is a friends, but the teeth and animation are mine :slight_smile: 600 kb


Hi all, if you could it would be great to add suggestions to this wiki page also


I just posted a few animations in the finished projects forum, the breaking dam animation and the water glass one might also fit in…

In that case I could also upload them as seperate animations.

Here is a video tutorial /demo on hairs

-efbie- that’s just awesome, excellent work! It’s really clear and simple, and the typing mistakes are a nice human touch :slight_smile:

Fluid simulation with TestMap.

Animation (wmv format):
Click here to watch Fluid-Simulation


go to

there is my lates blender work, rendered with yafray.

it was rated as best piece in show at the SOFA exhibition in chicago.


Spin it doesn’t load for me in either explorer or firefox - also we probably can’t use a windows specific format since about half of our users are linux.


:o Who are we”, the LINUX users? :smiley:

Anyhow, here’s an MPEG version. It meets the VCD standards for North America (NTSC). I can make PAL-VCD, DIVX or XVID too. Maybe MOV, but it will be a huge file.

Click here to watch Blender-3D-v24-Fluid-Simulation (10.1MB VCD-NTSC)

Upload Video and Images - Putfile

We meaning blender foundation/release team.